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Ah Emo Boys.  How I love them!  Like Ville Valo, who’s in the avatar though that’s not his best… here’s a better one!

 Anyway, I’ve been working on the finale and it’s coming along really well, though slow.  I’ve had to go back and reread and tweak to make things fit.  The side effect of this is that I’m rereading quite a bit.  Which does wonders for morale because I love the little exchanges between some of the characters.  Also, I’ve got a huge crush on Az…again.  I was a little squee faced over him a few months ago but now I’m just all atwitter.  For clarification, this is Az…

normal hot Az.                                       Dressed up Az.                                    His amazing eyes…sigh….

I just hope the betas like him even half as much as I do. 

The avatar came out of this conversation I was having with my friend Jacinda, who I’ve now sworn my eternal and undying love to. 

Clarification and convo under the cut


Because I haven’t done it in awhile…

You’ll notice the goal went up.  This is because Gabe pretty much decided Az wasn’t getting a fair shake and wanted to plead his case.  So far so good…not QUITE sure how I feel about it, but it’s coming out decent, so we’ll see.  Not quite sure if this is Book One or Book Two.  I’d really like to do a companion book…think Ink Exchange…instead of a sequel.  I had planned to do it on Kristen, but I might go with a character I only mentioned once that I don’t know anything about.  Could be interesting.  *shrugs  I think I’m getting just a WEE bit ahead of myself… I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to get some words in.  My brains been kinda fried lately with various homestress, and being jobless leaves me without a structure.  My writing suffers for it. Tomorrow I have my sister’s baby shower in the middle of the day which will give me a good pre/post split, and hopefully help.  We shall see!

Danse Macabre…

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Music fuels damn near ever word of what I write.  If I can’t find the perfect song, I can’t write the scene…it’s just what I do.  When I start a novel, I spend the first few days, before the idea has really solidified, getting a playlist together.  I LOVE playlist day.  Mostly because I love finding new music.  So I figured I’d share some of what I found while writing the Reapers story.  I spent a long time mulling over the perfect song for each character….. I hope you like it!  I hope you hear something you haven’t heard before and it changes you the way these songs have changed me!
Here they are in no particular order….

Eden: Glittering Clouds by Imogen Heap – this song captured Eden for me in so many ways.  I found it on day one and it snapped her into focus for me, from the way she sees herself and the way Touch affects her.

Adam: Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance – Adam clearly has a thing for Eden, but he’s stayed silent for so long that it’s hard for her to move him from the “just friends” category…He knows even if she doesn’t see him that way that he’ll always be there for her.  I think he’s as confused as anyone when she decides to give it a shot…

Gabe: Church of Hot Addiction by Cobra Starship – Oddly enough I just pictured this song fitting Gabe, dancing in a club covered in glitter and strobelights and spinning like a mad man.  I had it on repeat for weeks before I realized the singer was saying “Toniiiiiight!!!!  G.A.B.E. gonna get you high!” Wow! How’s that for a lucky break! (Yea, it’s actually quite obvious…I just go into a fugue when I’m listening lol)

Jarrod: My Violent Heart (Battenhouse Remix) by NIN –  Jarrod is so jaded…he doesn’t see the point to any of it, and doubts there is one.  His only consolation is that others are weaker than him.  He’s trying to find some shred of control over things, floundering to find his place. (The visuals in this are more perfect than I could have ever hoped for…)

Az: Furious Angels by Rob Dougan – Ugh…this one was SO hard to narrow down to one song.  I finally settled on this song because a. The desperation Az feels comes across in it, and also his feeling that Gabe has his back.  Plus, I love the video!

Luke:  Slept So Long (The live Queen of the Damned Version) – Stuart Townsend is my visual for Luke…that sexy twisty darkness.  If Dawn’s Supernova ever played live this is how I picture it.  Luke, he just OOZES cocky rock star.  And the lyrics!  (Touching you makes me die inside…)

Kristen: The Art of Suicide by Emilie Autumn – Oh my adorable Kristen.  With her quirky habit of pwning with poetry and her penchant for dressing in stolen burial outfits.  She was supposed to have a bit part, but wouldn’t have it that way.  She commands the scenes she’s in.  If this book gets agented/sold I’d love to do her story as a companion book/sequel. 
Libby: I can’t put my Libby song on here, because it’s spoilery to the nth degree, so I’ll go with an extra Eden song instead.  Heads Will Roll by Marion Raven.  LOVE this song!!! I’m posting the clean version, but it’s still pretty dirty so consider yourself warned!! It’s also very worth it because the song kicks ass!

Wow.  I totally went overboard 🙂  Anyway, hope you like the music…. If you know anything you think I’d like or that you are digging right now please let me know in the comments!

Ghost Writing the WIP

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So. Blog.  I guess I should explain the title a bit cuz I’m not a ghostwriter in the traditional sense… But a lot of the time that’s how I feel.  The stories I write are mine, but they’re not my stories.  They belong to my characters.  When I get an idea, often times it’s just a flash of a scene.  I write it down and sometimes (not always) the next day there’s another…then another…sometimes if there’s a bribe of chocolate involved I get two.  Being as the only way to get chocolate to my characters is by indulging in it myself, I consider this a fair trade 🙂  The book I’m working on now is YA, something I’ve never tried before.  I tend to write very adult literary type stuff, but this story just HAD to be written. 

It started out normal enough.  A short story I worked on a million (ok like 7) years ago that has been tinkered with over time.  I always loved the story, the premise of these three teenagers so jaded that even watching a suicide is a passe night to them.  Something about them just BEGGED to be….well, expanded.  I finished my first book in October and in February decided it was time to start on something new.  The old story popped back up and I tinkered with it, brainstorming. 

And then the first dream came.  One of the characters was there with me in a kind of blank space (think Never Ending Story after the Nothing sweeps through and the Childlike Empress gives Bastion the single grain of sand left).  His name is Az.  Even more interesting was the fact that he was talking to me.  I watched him, desperately trying to get his points across with flying hands but couldn’t hear a sound.  When I woke up and started typing, there were more ideas there.  They had a filmy deja vu quality to them…but they were there.  And so I did my job and wrote them down. 

The next night Eden showed up.  Eden’s one of my favorite characters-she’s sarcastic and jaded and pure goth punk rock fun.  And I’m afraid to NOT listen to her.  Again there was no sound, but girl had an opinion about what I’d written apparently. 

So this is how it goes for me.  I’m not so much slaving away trying to come up with ideas.  Really, I’m just Ghostwriting the WIP (work in progress).  Much more fun than ghost riding the whip   …..ok, maybe not 😉