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Ah Emo Boys.  How I love them!  Like Ville Valo, who’s in the avatar though that’s not his best… here’s a better one!

 Anyway, I’ve been working on the finale and it’s coming along really well, though slow.  I’ve had to go back and reread and tweak to make things fit.  The side effect of this is that I’m rereading quite a bit.  Which does wonders for morale because I love the little exchanges between some of the characters.  Also, I’ve got a huge crush on Az…again.  I was a little squee faced over him a few months ago but now I’m just all atwitter.  For clarification, this is Az…

normal hot Az.                                       Dressed up Az.                                    His amazing eyes…sigh….

I just hope the betas like him even half as much as I do. 

The avatar came out of this conversation I was having with my friend Jacinda, who I’ve now sworn my eternal and undying love to. 

Clarification and convo under the cut