Wow.  The last week has just been completely insane! It started off with announcing that five out of the seven YA Rebels would be leaving.  Gretchen and I, the two that will be staying on, decided we wanted to keep the group going and are now holding auditions for the three available positions (I promise I’m not that bad at math…we decided to cut down from 7 to 5 days a week).  We’d love to have you try out! We’re looking for writers (pubbed or unpubbed, as long as you’re making progress toward the GOAL of being published), librarians, bloggers, agents, editors–all are welcome!  Click on that link above to see a vlog that will give you the ins and outs! Auditions are due by 11:59pm Pacific Time on August 10th!

I also have some awesome news!  Remember how you guys asked if we could have a spoiler chat for A Touch Mortal, so we did? And then remember how we joked about cool shirts, and talked about opening a store?


…you guessed didn’t you.

Amber from Me, Myself and I has worked her ASS off to make this happen guys, so I wanna give her a huge


See, skillz w/ the designing? I haz none.  But Amber does.  And we came up with some kickass slogans and ideas that she made into even  kickassier designs! Check em out yo! No, really…go check them out. There’s multiple shirts under the A Touch Mortal category too, so be sure to click through. Go ahead and I’ll wait here. CLICK ME FOR THE STORE.

Leah tried to make me clickable but she haz no skillz. This is the reason behind 9/10ths of her contests. That and lurve.

You back?  Okay, awesome right?  So yeah, you guessed about the store, but I STILL HAVE A SURPRISE!  What you did not guess is that we are having a contest for YOU guys to make a design for the store! I can tell you that two of the prizes are an ARC of A TOUCH MORBID by yours truly and an ARC of ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD by Kendare Blake and that book is crazy scary. Seriously, I slept with the lights on.

These are only two of the prizes! There’s another up on Amber’s site, and I’ll be adding even more as entries come in! You guys know I love to match you awesome for awesome so bring it! Amber did a way way much better job of explaining the fancy parts and how to enter and all, so I’m gonna link you to her blog to get the lowdown.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!  You never fail to astound me!

As we get closer and closer to the release of Morbid, I’ve got some amazing things already plotted and more to come!  Keep your eye on the blog!  This is only the start!

Your buddy in the mortal coil,



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In which I answer every burning question that was asked of me last night on Twitter!

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This is the picture that comes up when you google DMV Rainbows

Hey, did you know that it’s totally possible to go three months without realizing your license plate tags are expired and not get pulled over?  Neither did I.

But it is.  The  procuring of this information resulted in not one but TWO  trips to that lovely rainbow of a place called the BMV.  The first time I took a number and waited and then told them I had been moving and might not have renewed my tags and they said “No problem! You need an e-check!” Which meant I had to drive two towns over and let someone sit in my car and make sure it wasn’t

On my TBR pile

making to much toxic stuff.  It wasn’t.  So I got a piece of paper that said so, drove back to the DMV, took a number, and waited. Then I gave them a large chunk of change and they gave me a tiny sticker and now I feel better about driving all over the country. I’m only good at committing crimes when I don’t know I’m in the act. I would fail as a bank robber.

Speaking of having no transition sentence, if you’ve been around Twitter, you might have caught one of my spontaneous BlogTV shows.  I tend to do them when I want to procrastinate or someone asks (hey, it happened…once).  In general, it’s me and about 15-20 people give or take, and sometimes I read from ARCs I’ve got, like Scott Tracey’s Witch Eyes and Jennifer Armentrout’s Half-Blood and Karsten Knight’s Wildefire and sometimes we talk writing (I’ll answer your questions about agents and edits and publishing and occasionally slip up and spill a secret. So far, you guys are amazing secret keepers.) and in general there is much debauchery and good times.

The thing is, every BlogTV show, when I get asked anything about A Touch Mortal I feel like I can not answer.  I get all nervous and second-guessy.  Not because, yanno, I don’t KNOW the answer, and not because I don’t WANT to talk about why (SPOILER) did that to (SPOILER) and when I found out that (SPOILER) was totally (HUGE SPOILER)…  See where I’m going with this?  Every chat, at least one person hasn’t read the book.  And yet I would love to be able to have you ask if (SPOILER) was going to (SPOIL) (SPOILER) backstage at Aerie.  Or if (SPOILER) REALLY thought (SPOILER) was the (SPOILER).  And worldbuilding, and secrets, and what you thought about the ending.  And a few of the awesome people who come hang out with me at these things asked if we could do a Spoiler Chat.


*Teases not actual size

On July 11th, at 8pm EST, I’m having a SPOILED ROTTEN BLOG TV PARTY!  And while we will all be spoiling the novel, I will be spoiling you! There will be prizes (remember all those ARCs I got from BEA?) and swag giveaways!  There will be an anything goes policy for questions about A Touch Mortal (sadly, I can’t give much more than a few teases about its sequel A Touch Morbid, but OMG TEASES!)!  Wonder what scene I added last?  Or which character is my favorite? Or why a character acted the way they did?  Want to know more about the ending? What’s up with the Screamers?  Ask away!

Put me in your brainparts! 😀

Some of you have already bought A Touch Mortal, and it’s hanging out on your TBR pile, but dude, move that book up.  If not, pick up a copy, head to a library, throw it on your Nook and cart it to the beach, because reading it is your ticket to the party.

To enter, there will be an intense rapid fire trivia sess– Okay, I’m just messing with you guys.  But there will be prizes for answering trivia questions, and some of those prizes will be signed and some will be random but ALL of them will be awesome!

Speaking of tour!  We’re headed into the craziness that is the rest of the After Dark Tour, featuring myself, Courtney Allison Moulton (Angelfire) and Lisa Desrochers (Personal Demons, Original Sin)!  Tour dates are:

June 20th Dallas, TX

June 21st Houston, TX (w/ special guest Sophie Jordan (Firelight))

June 22-27th We’ll be hanging out in New Orleans for ALA (and I will pick up creepy Kristen-esque voodoo things to give away!)

July 5th NYC, NY

and wrapping things up July 6th in Boston!  For more info, click the appearances button at the top of this page!

Extra special fun! On my way to Dallas, I’m going to be stopping off in Nashville, TN to hang out with the amazing Victoria Schwab!  On June 18th, we’re going to do a BlogTV show!  This won’t be the spoiler chat, so don’t be afraid to come if you haven’t read A Touch Mortal yet!  Keep an eye on our twitters for more info! (Leah = @LeahClifford Victoria=@veschwab)

Happy Reading and can’t wait to see you guys!!!

*Location of BlogTV shows! (You can subscribe, and they send you an email when I start broadcasting too!)

So, you may remember my extremely harsh (though adorable) critic who  kicked my ARC?

Well, she finally gave it a good solid read, and I’m proud to say I’ve won her over!

Disclaimer: This critique was paid for with a chocolate milk bribe.

You’re probably skipping this writing here, aren’t you?

I mean, you’re not even looking….

Because you’re after this

The cover to my second book–

When I first opened the email with the file, I had no clue the cover was coming. I literally gasped when I saw it.  No air.  The art department at Greenwillow has done such a stunning job on my covers!!!  The final version should be done soon, and flaps will be revealed in the next few months! I could not be happier!

What do you guys think?!!

*edit* You can now add A Touch Morbid on Goodreads here!

Come join Courtney Allison Moulton and I for a live show on BlogTV tonight at 9pm EST!

Look! All the things! (If you’re not chuckling at All the things, go here)

Thing one!

Yup, I participated in Readergirlz Rock The Drop for Teen Lit Day! With me were The Roecker Sisters, Queens of Hilarity (disclaimer: that is their actual official title) and the ever present Scott Tracey.  I gave away a copy of A Touch Mortal and Lisa and Laura gave away a copy of their book Liar Society but we also gave out a copy of Hannah Moskowitz‘s BreakStephanie Kuehnert‘s I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, and Courtney Allison Moulton‘s Angelfire later! The teens we gave the books to were super excited and even fighting over the books! So we promoted violence along with reading! Win! 

Speaking of terrible segues into Thing Two, you may have noticed a new tab at the top of this blog.  Up top there?  Where it says Home, A Touch Mortal, About Me and…. Appearances!  That’s right! Now that Book Two of the Secret Title is out of insanity inducing draft mode and into edits, I’m hitting the road!

I love being on the road.  Driving, flying, train(ing?) – doesn’t matter.  Being a writer is awesome because now I’m totally justified in my wanderlust.  Plus, I can write from anywhere, so it’s not like I have to abandon the WIP when I leave!* Exciting things are afoot!  My first official “By Myself” signing is April 30th in Hudson, Ohio!  After that I’ll be doing BookExpo America (Thing Three has more info on that!) and then Courtney Allison Moulton, Lisa Desrochers and I will be kicking off the After Dark tour in June and July! (Formerly known as the Hot Boys With Wings Tour and unfortunately had to be scaled down some).  If I’m coming to your town, let me know! If I’m not, and you’d like me to try to make it there, it never hurts to ask.  My old job as a flight attendant left me with friends in a lot of cities, so you never know where I have a connection or what city I just want to check out!**  Anyway, keep checking the Appearances tab, as I’ll be adding more signings/appearances as they’re confirmed!

Which brings us to Thing Three!

I will be at BEA! Not only that, I will be signing at BEA. NOT ONLY THAT I will be attending the Teen Author Carnival!!! *does super excited happy dance*  I’m really lucky that I have another month before this goes down, because hopefully, hopefully I’ll be able to get my fangirl in check by then!  They’re releasing the names of the other authors participating slowly, so even *I* don’t know who all will be there, but I’m linking you to The Story Siren’s blog.  She has some of the participants listed and will most likely be linking to the third set.  If you are going to BEA, I’ll be signing on Tuesday, May 24th from 2:30-3pm.  The Teen Author Carnival will be on Monday, and more info on that is here!

Are you going to BEA? What authors are you most looking forward to seeing?

*I used to be totally desktop. Finally, Scott convinced me that I needed a laptop. It took him literally years. Every laptop I tried, I hated. But then I found my gorgeous Florence (She’s a Machine 😉 ) and I’m officially converted!

**I’m also open to things like Book Clubs, Creative Writing classes, roller coaster riding…

So tonight I was pondering new projects.  See, right now, I’m in the middle of edits for Book 2 Whose Title Is Still Secret.  I’ve been dabbling a bit on writing Book 3 but I change a lot during edits, and I have a feeling most of what I write would be dependent on things NOT changing. I’m spending a lot of time brainstorming in kind of a “if this happens then this happens” kind of way, but I feel like I need something I can work on. I also want something fun, that I can dip in and out of as I have to stop and work on edits.

Enter interactive novel. It’s no secret that I love twitter.  Every once in a while, I’ll see another author ask for help writing their book.  Sometimes it’s a character name, or a title.  I once asked people what a good “pre-concert voice helping drink” was.  So I thought, why not let twitter decide what I worked on next?  I had a few story ideas I’ve been kicking around.  Then I thought, why not let everyone vote on a few details?  I hashtagged it #interactivenovel and put up for a vote whether my MC was going to be a boy or a girl.  Nearly everyone voted boy.  Not only that, people gave REASONS. Things like “there aren’t enough boys as main characters.”  Interesting, I thought and wrote boy character in my notebook.  The next thing… would it be first person or third person point of view?  Twitter told me they wanted first person.  Things kind of took off from there.  I’m going to be keeping this up, leaving the main choices up to my twitter followers.  Nothing spoilery…more like “Does he go through the door or leave?” without revealing too much about what’s going on.

Our story so far is about a boy named Denver.  He’s single, but he’s got his eye on a girl named Hannah.  The thing is, he’s not quite sure he wants to be with Hannah, because he also has his eye on Noah.  Enter complications.  Not your typical love triangle eh?  The book will open at the zoo, and at some point there will be some kind of explosion.  What’s gonna happen beyond that?

I guess we’ll all find out 🙂 If you want to be a part of this, follow me on Twitter @LeahClifford and keep an eye out for the #interactivenovel hashtag!

Which brings us to the reason you’re probably here!  CONTEST WINNERS!!!

Dude. You guys blow me away.  I mean, I thought there’d be a good amount of entries, maybe a few people would do a vlog or something.  All told, there were 177 comments. COMMENTS. Most of those comments had multiple entries (tweets and FB status).  I had vlogs and flyers and a haiku.  Someone wrote me a song.  Can I just say how much I love you guys???

The winner of the copy with the extra content did something super cool!  You can check it out here!

The winners:  I used the random number generator and picked my five winners.  They each receive a signed copy of A Touch Mortal, a signed copy of one of the following (Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton, Afterlife by Claudia Gray, Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting, The DUFF by Kody Keplinger, and a secret book that will be signed). There will also be Assorted Awesome in the box! Winners: send your mailing address to LeahCliffordBooks at gmail dot com with the five books above in order of preference (ie: 1. Angelfire 2. Desires of the Dead 3. Mystery book …ect). Winner #1 gets first choice, winner #2 gets their first choice unless #1 picked it in which case they get their 2nd choice and so on…

The winners are:

1. Michaele Stoughton (@MLStoughton)

2. Flippin Fabulous who posted in her sidebar at

3. Cynthia Garcia (via Facebook status)

4. Emmy Landeros (@Emmy322)

5. Kari (@flamingo1325)

In addition to that, I gave away an extra copy to Angela on facebook. She made a sign for her car, which was pretty cool, but THEN she got pulled over. The cop tried to give her a ticket and told her she shouldn’t be making people read while they’re driving.  He thought the sign was a joke and when she explained that she was trying to win signed books, Cop told her he’d sign them. Angela, in complete badassery told him that wasn’t the same. WIN.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered and spread the word!  If you didn’t win, don’t be sad! Amazon and B & N have dropped the price of A Touch Mortal to $9.99 which is pretty awesome!  Go snag a copy and let me know what you think!