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Morbid Trailer Pictures!

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

You guys! It’s almost here!  February 28th, A TOUCH MORBID, the second book in my trilogy hits shelves!

Most of you know how much I adore the spontaneous crazy, and filming the trailer was no exception.  Spur of the moment, we decided to film the trailer ON LOCATION.  In New York City.  Luckily, my amazing videographer, Clay (who also plays Az) and my two amazing actresses (Chelsea, aka Kristen’s doppelganger and Emili, who rocks as Eden, were down for a no-notice-get-in-the-car eight hour drive to the city.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the footage we got!  The trailers (yes, there are TWO!) are going to premiere on several blogs on February 14th, so for now, all I can give you are a few teases!

Don’t forget–if you pre-order A Touch Morbid from ANYWHERE, send an email to MorbidPrize (at) gmail (dot) com, you’ll get your very own limited edition, signed poster of the cover.  This is the ONLY way you can get your hands on this poster!  I’ve also teamed up with my local indie to offer personalized pre-orders of both A Touch Mortal’s paperback and the hardcover of Morbid! Click here to order!

If you’re in the Lansing, Michigan area or down for a road trip, come to the InsaniTEA Party launch!  We’re doing it up Kristen style–dress code is Victorian Gothic, but honestly anything steampunk, graveyard couture, or even repurposed prom dresses will work! We’ll have a live band, some grave-robbed jewelry door prizes courtesy of Kristen and of course, tea! Don’t miss it!

On to the pictures!  Keep in mind, we’ve saved all the best stuff for February 14th!  I can’t wait to share the final trailers.  Clay’s ideas and abilities have blown me away!  If you’re a writer and looking for someone to shoot your trailer, I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Without further ado…Take a sneak peek!  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


Creepy angel is creepy

Kristen at the cemetery! This is the chapel she lived in when she had her "tiff" with reality after first becoming a Sider.

For those of you who've been lucky enough to snag an ARC of Morbid, we recreated Eden and Az's date! These two were so adorable, tourists were stopping to take pictures of them!


*ETA* This just in! IF LUKE WINS, the top voter/advocate will win one half hour long Skype session with me, in which they will get to ask ALL the things about Mortal and Morbid, and might even get some hints as to what’s coming in Book 3! Be sure to post a comment to tell me when you vote  and a link if you post on your blog/fb/twitter/tumblr/other!

Text from Courtney Allison Moulton at 5:30am You saw Luke was nominated, right?

And that’s how I found out our very own Lucifer–lead singer of Dawn’s Supernova, leather panted, guitar playing manipulator extraordinaire– had been nominated in The Story Siren’s The Best of 2011 Debuts!!!  His category?  Best Villain!

He would be so proud!  He would also want to win  this thing, and there is no way in Hell I want to let him down.

All right guys.  We’re gonna have to work together if Luke has any chance of taking this

Put me in your brainparts! 😀

home (and by home, I of course mean Downstairs).  He needs your votes, and lots of them. The competition is FIERCE, but I’ve seen you guys at work.  I know we can do this!!! To cheerlead you along, I’m doing something I’ve never done before.   I’m going to offer up a deleted scene.  That’s of course, that’s just for starters! What else would you like?  A live show truth or dare, perhaps?  One of those amazing dead girl cameo InsaniTEA Party lockets??? You tell me.  But before you tell me, go vote!

*edit* Be sure to leave a comment here letting me know  you voted for him!


First off, this needs to be said.  With Thanksgiving a few days a way, I’m so aware of everything I’ve had happen in my life to be thankful for this last year, but I wanted you all to know that of everything, I’m most thankful for you.  You’ve accepted my characters into your worlds.  You tell your friends about them and worry about them and wonder what will happen to them and for me, that is one of the greatest compliments I could ever receive.  You write me letters.  You tell me how my book helped you and I just don’t have the words for how much that means to me. Because of you, I get to keep doing the thing I love most in this world*. Thank you.

This Thanksgiving, I’m also thankful for Turkey.**  See, when I knew I wanted to start writing for publication, I made myself a bucket list.  On it were the things I wanted to accomplish in my writing career.

I still have that bucket list. On it are the following.
1. Write an entire novel
2. Submit the novel and get a. a rejection b. a partial request c. a full manuscript request d. an offer of representation
3. Sell a book to a publisher
4. Have the book sell to one foreign country.

You guys…I had a bucket list. I checked off my #4!

I’m so excited I can share the news that all three books in the Touch Mortal trilogy have sold to Pegasus Yayinlari (Publisher of THE HUNGER GAMES) in Turkey! YOU GUYS! MY BOOK WILL BE IN A LANGUAGE I CAN NOT READ! That is FREAKING AWESOME! They are hoping to have the first book out in the next year or so! Hopefully there will be more news on this soon!

In other news, oh my God, I miss you guys! I’ve been on deadline, writing Book 3, and so I haven’t gotten to talk to you as much! Tonight though (11/22), I’m having a live show here from 9–11pm EST.  Come hang out?  It might be spoilery if you haven’t read A Touch Mortal yet (Dude, it is on your shelf! Get on that!), and I’m probably going to read from A Touch Morbid which will be extra spoilery, but hey, come check it out. We have fun.

OH! One last thing! I have a Tumblr now!  If you’re on Tumblr, come find me! I’m really good at following through on answering the questions in my Ask Box, and I have anonymous on (which lets you ask questions anonymously), so if you want advice or would like to know something about writing, hit me up and I’ll do my best to give you a truthful answer!

That’s it for now guys! Don’t forget about signed preorders and the prize for preordering Morbid! Hope to see you at the live show and have a great holiday if you’re in the US!


* That would be writing, but staying home in my pj’s drinking hot chocolate all day is quite the perk, not gonna lie.

**Dear people of Turkey, I know you’re probably so so tired of the Turkey/turkey jokes. Please forgive me. It is the only time in my life I will be able to legitimately use it as a serious transition. I really feel like these opportunities need to be gobbled up. (…sorry.)



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Can we just start out by saying how awesome you guys are?  Thank you so much for

all the tweets, status updates, blog posts, tumblr reblogs and all the other creative ways you spread the news about Morbid!  You guys absolutely rocked it! I also had a ton of people add A Touch Morbid on Goodreads!  I can’t thank you enough, but I can give you prizes!

First up, the last of the swag pack winners!  From 11/5, the prize goes to Meredith!  All swag pack winners have been @replied on twitter!

The winner of the personalized pre-order of the paperback of A Touch Mortal

is………*drumroll*  Kristina Elbert!!!  Send me your mailing address (through the contact form on LeahClifford dot com) and who you’d like the book made out to/what you’d like it


to say if you want anything special written and I’ll put in the order!

And last but not least, the winner of the

signed ARC of A Touch Morbid isssssssssss……… Amanda (aka @apedulla)!!!! Looks like all those multiple entries worked! 🙂 Amanda won one of the swag packs earlier in the week, so I’ll be sending her prizes out soon!

Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered!

In Which I Get To Reveal…

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

…the description and flap copy for A Touch Morbid! As the publishing date grows closer, ARCs are starting to make their way into the world–which means I’m allowed to talk more about what’s behind that gorgeous cover!  Expect darker.  Expect insanity and wicked things and lots more Luke. A Touch Morbid forces you to think about what lengths you would go to when everything around you, including yourself, starts to break apart, get lost.  Go mad.  Check out the description from the HarperCollins catalog below!

Eden won the battle-she saved her true love from the darkest evil. But the war has only just begun. With secrets swirling around her, powerful allies unraveling, and life-and death-as she knows it eroding, Eden and those she loves tread dangerous ground. Can she trust anyone? Will her unearthly powers be her salvation or her downfall? A sweeping, dark, and sexy paranormal romance that will haunt readers with an inventive mythology and a cinematic New York City filled with shadows and longing.

As you might have guessed, this time around Kristen has a point of view, along with Eden, Jarrod and Gabe.

The flaps are spoilery, so if you’ve read A Touch Mortal, highlight to read them! Otherwise, scroll down to for contest deets and other stuff…

Eden saved Az.

She fought and sacrificed and won him back

from the most evil of evils. Now is the time for

happily-ever-afters, right?

Not so fast.

A boy—even an angel—is hardly the solution

to Eden’s problems. She’s still caught between

life and death, still cursed to spread poison

with her touch.

She’s lost one best friend and another is

quickly unraveling. And now, something is

happening to the mortals. Something very,

very bad.

What happens in the dark spaces? The ones

between life and death,

betrayal and redemption, sanity and delusion.

Or good and evil.

Eden is about to find out.

The riveting sequel to A Touch Mortal


Well?  What do you guys think?!!!

To spread the word, I’m holding a contest! To enter, all you have to do is tweet, facebook, blog, or any other creative way you can think of to spread the word about A Touch Morbid! Include this link: and add a comment to this post to let me know where to find it!

Examples: So excited to read A Touch Morbid! Check out the description here & enter to win!

Have you seen the summary for A Touch Morbid yet?!

I’m doing this for the free book, but Leah’s pretty cool:

Okay, maybe not that last one so much but you get the idea!  One winner will get a signed ARC of A Touch Morbid!  Another will receive a paperback personalized preorder (try saying that three times fast) of A Touch Mortal through my local indie!  In addition, I’ll be picking one entry per day to win a random prize pack of bookmarks (some signed!) and assorted swag!

The contest runs through 11:59pm Saturday November 5th and you can enter as many times as you like via as many social networking/real world things as you want! (I’ve had people put signs on their cars, print out fliers and put them in books at their library…it all counts!) Good luck everyone and if you haven’t already, click to add A Touch Morbid on Goodreads!

Extra notes: 

Just a reminder: anyone who preorders A Touch Morbid from anywhere, will get a special thank you present!  This present will be limited edition swag, signed and numbered and the ONLY way to get it is through preordering!  Just send your address and proof of purchase to MorbidPrize (at) gmail (dot) com!  It’s open internationally!  Thanks for being awesome guys!

Would you like to get a personalized copy? I’ve paired with my local indie, The Learned Owl, to offer you signed, personalized copies of both A Touch Morbid and the paperback of A Touch Mortal (They both come out on the same day)!  This will only be available on preorders so go ahead and order yours today here! (When you check out, there’s a space for special instructions–be sure to put who you’d like the books made out to!  If you’d like me to just sign them for a giveaway, that’s fine too!)

So many lovely announcements to make!  If you were at the live BlogTV show on Sunday, you got the scoop early (HINT: If I have Things To Tell, they are told there first.  I have them almost every Sunday night!) but I did want to be sure everyone knows all the things and elaborate a bit!

You got plans for March 10th yet?  No, of course you don’t, because it is seven months away.  And if you do? Cancel now.  This is going to be one of those “something came up” things that makes you blow off cousin Judy’s wedding even though it’s going to piss your mother off to no end. Plus, you know there are going to be no hot groomsmen at that thing and this thing–well, I can’t guarantee there will not be hot groomsmen at this thing.  Or bridesmaids! Or duchesses and mad kings.

I would kill kittens for this dress. *A Touch Morbid jokes, FTW!*

My darlings, I’m so pleased to finally officially and without further ado announce that we have a date and a venue for A Touch Morbid’s InsaniTEA Party.  This will be Morbid’s official launch, and since everyone’s favorite graverobbing schizophrenic has a POV in the second book, we’re doing it up Kristen style. After all, it’s not often the chance to have an absolutely over the top Victorian Gothic tea party pops into one’s life but when it does, one must carpe that f&@*ing diem. Will you come?

Keep it dapper, boys.

On March 10th, *update: Click here for the Facebook Event Page!, we’ll be meeting at Schuler Books & Music in Lansing, MI for tea and crumpty type snacks, readings, music and general debauchery.  I’ll also be signing!  I should mention that this party will be full costume and guests are HIGHLY encouraged to dress up!  Got an old bridesmaid’s gown? Hack it short and bedazzle that bastard! Went as a dead bride one year for Halloween? Drag out the costume, throw on some lace gloves and call it good!  Guys, always wanted to try out a  steampunk look? Rock out with your clock out!  In short, anything goes as long as you go big.  The more asylumtastic your outfit the better!  I know of several people already planning their costumes, so don’t be afraid you’ll be the only one! Prizes will be given out for best dressed!

On to Thing 2!  Lately I’ve had people asking me when I’ll be coming to their city and how to get a signed book if I’m not.  Now, you guys all know how much I love to travel.  One of the coolest things about being an author is getting to hit the road and meet you guys at signings.  But let’s face it, I’m only one person and  some events are just too far away for you guys to get to them.

I'll put both our names in these for you!

But I think I found a pretty cool compromise!  I’ve paired with my local indie The Learned Owl to offer you guys personalized signed copies of both the paperback of A Touch Mortal and hardcover of the brand new A Touch Morbid! I’m only offering the personalization on pre-order copies, so they will only be available from now until Feb 27th (this date subject to change)! This isn’t a contest. All you have to do is order through their website and when you check out, in the box marked “Order Comments” put who you’d like the book made out to or what you’d like me to write (Keep it classy, interwebz). *edit- The Learned Owl site says they will not ship outside the US, but they said for this they will try to work with people on a case by case basis if you’d like to get a hold of them!*

In addition to that, I have another surprise up my sleeve for you guys…

EVERYONE WHO PRE-ORDERS A TOUCH MORBID **FROM ANYWHERE** WILL GET A PRESENT!    Just send proof that you ordered A Touch Morbid, ie: a screenshot of your amazon confirmation, a copy of a receipt from your local bookstore, that sort of thing, to  morbidprize (at) gmail (dot) com with your address.  Around April, the  present will show up in your mailbox! It’s that easy!

Again, you can order from anywhere to get the present, which (barring unforseen issues) will be a limited edition 8 x 11 poster of A Touch Morbid’s cover. It will be signed and numbered.  This is the only way that you will be able to get this poster, which is why I’ll be waiting until everyone has their pre-orders in before having them printed. Any extras will be destroyed.  Pretty cool huh?

To recap: March 10th – InsaniTEA party. Signed and personalized pre-orders of A Touch Morbid and A Touch Mortal are available from The Learned Owl. Special poster for everyone who pre-orders A Touch Morbid from ANYWHERE.

All right guys, that’s it for now!

Until we meet again,


PS. Have you entered the design contest for ATM shirts yet? We’ve got some GREAT prizes! Any word spreading would be greatly appreciated! Click here for more info!

PSS. NEW REBELS! We start vlogging again Monday the 22nd!

PSSS. Our Az doppelganger, Clay Carnill aka Claslan has a new cover song up! Check it out! 

Wow.  The last week has just been completely insane! It started off with announcing that five out of the seven YA Rebels would be leaving.  Gretchen and I, the two that will be staying on, decided we wanted to keep the group going and are now holding auditions for the three available positions (I promise I’m not that bad at math…we decided to cut down from 7 to 5 days a week).  We’d love to have you try out! We’re looking for writers (pubbed or unpubbed, as long as you’re making progress toward the GOAL of being published), librarians, bloggers, agents, editors–all are welcome!  Click on that link above to see a vlog that will give you the ins and outs! Auditions are due by 11:59pm Pacific Time on August 10th!

I also have some awesome news!  Remember how you guys asked if we could have a spoiler chat for A Touch Mortal, so we did? And then remember how we joked about cool shirts, and talked about opening a store?


…you guessed didn’t you.

Amber from Me, Myself and I has worked her ASS off to make this happen guys, so I wanna give her a huge


See, skillz w/ the designing? I haz none.  But Amber does.  And we came up with some kickass slogans and ideas that she made into even  kickassier designs! Check em out yo! No, really…go check them out. There’s multiple shirts under the A Touch Mortal category too, so be sure to click through. Go ahead and I’ll wait here. CLICK ME FOR THE STORE.

Leah tried to make me clickable but she haz no skillz. This is the reason behind 9/10ths of her contests. That and lurve.

You back?  Okay, awesome right?  So yeah, you guessed about the store, but I STILL HAVE A SURPRISE!  What you did not guess is that we are having a contest for YOU guys to make a design for the store! I can tell you that two of the prizes are an ARC of A TOUCH MORBID by yours truly and an ARC of ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD by Kendare Blake and that book is crazy scary. Seriously, I slept with the lights on.

These are only two of the prizes! There’s another up on Amber’s site, and I’ll be adding even more as entries come in! You guys know I love to match you awesome for awesome so bring it! Amber did a way way much better job of explaining the fancy parts and how to enter and all, so I’m gonna link you to her blog to get the lowdown.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!  You never fail to astound me!

As we get closer and closer to the release of Morbid, I’ve got some amazing things already plotted and more to come!  Keep your eye on the blog!  This is only the start!

Your buddy in the mortal coil,