New Endeavors and Dead Fairies

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

How strange life is. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve posted on here so I figured I owed you guys an update! I’m still writing, working on an intriguing project at the moment that I truly wish I could share more details about, because I’m SO excited about it, but I wanted to tell you about my newest venture.
PG_StickerIn July I opened  my online shop, Petite Grotesque. I specialize in making dead fairies, but other creepies have wandered in and I’m now carried in two brick and mortar shops! I’ve recently expanded to include sculpting custom swag for authors, so if you have an item in your book (an antique box, poisoned apples, an object your main character finds, an evil doll-sky’s the limit!), contact me and we can work within your budget to make whatever you conjured up into a reality for a giveaway, keepsake or both!

You can check out my items for sale here. Even if you can’t buy anything, spreading the word would be a HUGE help! Working my shop gives me time to write my novels.

I also wanted to remind everyone that I’m still open for critiques. Right now, I’m offering up to 80k words for $400 if you mention seeing this post. I can also do partials and query letters as well. Contact me for sale prices! Thanks so much for reading this and spreading the word, guys! It’s hard making a living off of art, and every share, forward or mention helps.

Until next time,



  1. Amanda says:

    Are you going to make another book to go along with the touch books?

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