Halloween Book Trail!

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

HBT14--The-Looking-GlassWelcome to the second stop of The Looking Glass!

This is the first ever Halloween Book Trail, featuring your favorite YA & MG authors! This trail is based on the YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes presented by the Apocalypsies. In THIS trail, you’ll find all kinds of posts, and discover new authors and their work.

How do you play? Every post contains information that will lead to killer prizes! Books, swag, skype sessions, locks of hair (jk jk)! At the end of each blog you’ll find a link that will take you to the next stop in the trail. By the end, you’ll find a quiz. Now you’ll be happy you read all the posts! Submit your entry to the quiz for a chance ta triple threato win a grand prize! Accuracy matters here, so take your time, or go back and refresh your memory! One quiz entry per trail.

ABOUT ME: I have a trilogy out, the first of which is A Touch Mortal. It’s basically about undead kids in New York City–there’s a schizophrenic Victorian-obsessed graverobber named Kristen, Lucifer sings lead in a band and my “good” angels wiggle into morally gray areas on a regular basis. If you like dark and twisty, it might be up your alley. Check them out here.

Now onto the questions! Some of the answers may be in the quiz at the end of the trail. Prizes will be awarded to those with the highest score!

What is your dream subject to write about?

I’d love to write something set in the 1920’s…flappers and spies and Bonnie and Clyde type main characters–con artists with stupid hearts and smart mouths.

Do you legit believe in ghosts and things that bump in the night? 
Oh absolutely! I lived in an apartment in Colorado that had some creepy stuff go down…enough that we moved.
What is the most haunted place you’ve ever been to? 
I stayed the night at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado–you know, the one Stephen King based the hotel in The Shining off of? Slept like a baby.
What magical/supernatural creature do you secretly want to be?
Werewolf IF I can live in Beacon Hills, California and be in Scott McCall’s pack. Otherwise, shapeshifter.
What is your favorite sentence/paragraph from your novel?
From A Touch Mortal:
There would be people on the boardwalk, but even if they suspected something was wrong, he doubted they’d get involved. If there was one thing to be counted on, it was how eagerly the mortals ignored what they didn’t want to see. The truth passed right by, and never once did they open their eyes. 
Good luck! The next blog on the Looking Glass trail is Jenny Lundquist and can be found HERE!

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