Happy News and Things I’m Thankful For

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

First off, this needs to be said.  With Thanksgiving a few days a way, I’m so aware of everything I’ve had happen in my life to be thankful for this last year, but I wanted you all to know that of everything, I’m most thankful for you.  You’ve accepted my characters into your worlds.  You tell your friends about them and worry about them and wonder what will happen to them and for me, that is one of the greatest compliments I could ever receive.  You write me letters.  You tell me how my book helped you and I just don’t have the words for how much that means to me. Because of you, I get to keep doing the thing I love most in this world*. Thank you.

This Thanksgiving, I’m also thankful for Turkey.**  See, when I knew I wanted to start writing for publication, I made myself a bucket list.  On it were the things I wanted to accomplish in my writing career.

I still have that bucket list. On it are the following.
1. Write an entire novel
2. Submit the novel and get a. a rejection b. a partial request c. a full manuscript request d. an offer of representation
3. Sell a book to a publisher
4. Have the book sell to one foreign country.

You guys…I had a bucket list. I checked off my #4!

I’m so excited I can share the news that all three books in the Touch Mortal trilogy have sold to Pegasus Yayinlari (Publisher of THE HUNGER GAMES) in Turkey! YOU GUYS! MY BOOK WILL BE IN A LANGUAGE I CAN NOT READ! That is FREAKING AWESOME! They are hoping to have the first book out in the next year or so! Hopefully there will be more news on this soon!

In other news, oh my God, I miss you guys! I’ve been on deadline, writing Book 3, and so I haven’t gotten to talk to you as much! Tonight though (11/22), I’m having a live show here from 9–11pm EST.  Come hang out?  It might be spoilery if you haven’t read A Touch Mortal yet (Dude, it is on your shelf! Get on that!), and I’m probably going to read from A Touch Morbid which will be extra spoilery, but hey, come check it out. We have fun.

OH! One last thing! I have a Tumblr now!  If you’re on Tumblr, come find me! I’m really good at following through on answering the questions in my Ask Box, and I have anonymous on (which lets you ask questions anonymously), so if you want advice or would like to know something about writing, hit me up and I’ll do my best to give you a truthful answer!

That’s it for now guys! Don’t forget about signed preorders and the prize for preordering Morbid! Hope to see you at the live show and have a great holiday if you’re in the US!


* That would be writing, but staying home in my pj’s drinking hot chocolate all day is quite the perk, not gonna lie.

**Dear people of Turkey, I know you’re probably so so tired of the Turkey/turkey jokes. Please forgive me. It is the only time in my life I will be able to legitimately use it as a serious transition. I really feel like these opportunities need to be gobbled up. (…sorry.)


  1. Ann Rought says:

    WOOT! Rock on! So happy for you, Leah. ^_^

  2. lexcade says:

    That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you, Leah! You deserve all the success 🙂

  3. stephscottil says:

    How exciting to mark those off your list! That’s wonderful 🙂

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