With a Rebel Yell, She Cried Store, Store, Store!

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wow.  The last week has just been completely insane! It started off with announcing that five out of the seven YA Rebels would be leaving.  Gretchen and I, the two that will be staying on, decided we wanted to keep the group going and are now holding auditions for the three available positions (I promise I’m not that bad at math…we decided to cut down from 7 to 5 days a week).  We’d love to have you try out! We’re looking for writers (pubbed or unpubbed, as long as you’re making progress toward the GOAL of being published), librarians, bloggers, agents, editors–all are welcome!  Click on that link above to see a vlog that will give you the ins and outs! Auditions are due by 11:59pm Pacific Time on August 10th!

I also have some awesome news!  Remember how you guys asked if we could have a spoiler chat for A Touch Mortal, so we did? And then remember how we joked about cool shirts, and talked about opening a store?


…you guessed didn’t you.

Amber from Me, Myself and I has worked her ASS off to make this happen guys, so I wanna give her a huge


See, skillz w/ the designing? I haz none.  But Amber does.  And we came up with some kickass slogans and ideas that she made into even  kickassier designs! Check em out yo! No, really…go check them out. There’s multiple shirts under the A Touch Mortal category too, so be sure to click through. Go ahead and I’ll wait here. CLICK ME FOR THE STORE.

Leah tried to make me clickable but she haz no skillz. This is the reason behind 9/10ths of her contests. That and lurve.

You back?  Okay, awesome right?  So yeah, you guessed about the store, but I STILL HAVE A SURPRISE!  What you did not guess is that we are having a contest for YOU guys to make a design for the store! I can tell you that two of the prizes are an ARC of A TOUCH MORBID by yours truly and an ARC of ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD by Kendare Blake and that book is crazy scary. Seriously, I slept with the lights on.

These are only two of the prizes! There’s another up on Amber’s site, and I’ll be adding even more as entries come in! You guys know I love to match you awesome for awesome so bring it! Amber did a way way much better job of explaining the fancy parts and how to enter and all, so I’m gonna link you to her blog to get the lowdown.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!  You never fail to astound me!

As we get closer and closer to the release of Morbid, I’ve got some amazing things already plotted and more to come!  Keep your eye on the blog!  This is only the start!

Your buddy in the mortal coil,



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