Announcements, Appearances and Rocking the Drop!

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Look! All the things! (If you’re not chuckling at All the things, go here)

Thing one!

Yup, I participated in Readergirlz Rock The Drop for Teen Lit Day! With me were The Roecker Sisters, Queens of Hilarity (disclaimer: that is their actual official title) and the ever present Scott Tracey.  I gave away a copy of A Touch Mortal and Lisa and Laura gave away a copy of their book Liar Society but we also gave out a copy of Hannah Moskowitz‘s BreakStephanie Kuehnert‘s I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, and Courtney Allison Moulton‘s Angelfire later! The teens we gave the books to were super excited and even fighting over the books! So we promoted violence along with reading! Win! 

Speaking of terrible segues into Thing Two, you may have noticed a new tab at the top of this blog.  Up top there?  Where it says Home, A Touch Mortal, About Me and…. Appearances!  That’s right! Now that Book Two of the Secret Title is out of insanity inducing draft mode and into edits, I’m hitting the road!

I love being on the road.  Driving, flying, train(ing?) – doesn’t matter.  Being a writer is awesome because now I’m totally justified in my wanderlust.  Plus, I can write from anywhere, so it’s not like I have to abandon the WIP when I leave!* Exciting things are afoot!  My first official “By Myself” signing is April 30th in Hudson, Ohio!  After that I’ll be doing BookExpo America (Thing Three has more info on that!) and then Courtney Allison Moulton, Lisa Desrochers and I will be kicking off the After Dark tour in June and July! (Formerly known as the Hot Boys With Wings Tour and unfortunately had to be scaled down some).  If I’m coming to your town, let me know! If I’m not, and you’d like me to try to make it there, it never hurts to ask.  My old job as a flight attendant left me with friends in a lot of cities, so you never know where I have a connection or what city I just want to check out!**  Anyway, keep checking the Appearances tab, as I’ll be adding more signings/appearances as they’re confirmed!

Which brings us to Thing Three!

I will be at BEA! Not only that, I will be signing at BEA. NOT ONLY THAT I will be attending the Teen Author Carnival!!! *does super excited happy dance*  I’m really lucky that I have another month before this goes down, because hopefully, hopefully I’ll be able to get my fangirl in check by then!  They’re releasing the names of the other authors participating slowly, so even *I* don’t know who all will be there, but I’m linking you to The Story Siren’s blog.  She has some of the participants listed and will most likely be linking to the third set.  If you are going to BEA, I’ll be signing on Tuesday, May 24th from 2:30-3pm.  The Teen Author Carnival will be on Monday, and more info on that is here!

Are you going to BEA? What authors are you most looking forward to seeing?

*I used to be totally desktop. Finally, Scott convinced me that I needed a laptop. It took him literally years. Every laptop I tried, I hated. But then I found my gorgeous Florence (She’s a Machine 😉 ) and I’m officially converted!

**I’m also open to things like Book Clubs, Creative Writing classes, roller coaster riding…

  1. Jennifer Alston says:

    Hi leah i live in Bakersfield, ca hopefully you can come here or some close like L.A. or Pasadena. I would love to meet you. I love your book and can’t wait for the next!!!!

    Jennifer Alston

  2. So I am ridiculously geeked that you are going to be in Lansing! I will totally be there 🙂 It is only about 2 hrs from me. YAY!

  3. AE Rought says:

    You might be seeing me in Naperville, or Lansing!! I’m in the middle, and northish. It’s about a 3 hour drive either way. I’ll rustle up my teen beta reader and see which one we can swing. So… hopefully I’ll see you sometime this summer!

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