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(if you’re confused at seeing this again, don’t be…I accidentally put this as a category instead of a post. #leahfail )

A Touch Mortal’s Assortment of Awesome Contest!






Well, this blog is quickly becoming known only as “That Place Where She Posts Contests.”  I don’t think that’s gonna change much…but you don’t mind, right? Chances are you got here by clicking the info in my YA Rebels vlog so you already know the fun news!

My author copies are here!!!

They’re beautiful and stackable and they came in a great big box!   And while I’d love to keep them all and run them through escape drills, sometimes it’s best to sleep more, take your meds, share the wealth! *

But there is an ulterior motive for this contest.  See, I’m moving in a few weeks.  And I have a LOT of books.  In fact, I have so many I couldn’t get a decent picture. My shelves run all the way around my basement, and they’re full.  One entire wall is a bookshelf.  Full.  Bedside table? Embarrassingly full. And the thought occurred to me yesterday, that I will have to pack all those books and carry all those books and guys, that is not something I want to do. I want to mail them.  To you.

In fact, I want to mail lots of stuff to you! Things like cool swag necklaces and earrings I bought and strange knickknacks and possibly signed pages from the manuscript edits of A Touch Mortal. See, my basement is not like Great Aunt Mildred’s basement. My basement has things like signed copies of Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting, Afterlife by Claudia Gray and Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton.**

So here’s how it’s gonna work.  Five prize packs. Each one comes with a signed copy of A Touch Mortal.  You’ll also get an Assortment of Awesome!  Could be anything.  Keep in mind, I’m a strange one.***  In addition, when I contact the winners, they can stake a claim to which of the other signed books they’d like (first come first serve).

How to enter:

First, like the vlog.  Those books are vain (did you see the one that stopped to look in the mirror? Yeah, that’s Francine.  Total diva).  They need some love…er, like.

Second, spread the word. Post about the vlog on Twitter.   Blog about the ninja repelling moves.  Status it on the Book of teh Face.  Vlog it yourself.  Hang a banner of A Touch Mortal**** from a tall building in front of a busy street. (PS. If you do  this…well, let’s just say I’ll have an extra prize, and it will be fawesome. PSS. Don’t fall.*****).  (EDIT: Rumor on the street is that the most crazy/insane/creative entry is going to get a signed copy of A Touch Mortal with extra content.  Since I made up the rumor I’m pretty sure it’s true.  Extra content could be a deleted scene.  Could be the first chapter of Book 2?  Either way, I’ll make sure it’s something kickass!) Get that word out.  Each place you post about the vlog is an entry. Leave me a comment on this blog entry with a link.  Entering multiple times on different days is cool (Tweet Monday, tweet Tuesday= two entries).  Shortened link to the vlog:

In addition to the five prize boxes, I have a lot of neat stuff laying around, so if you do something awesome, I’ll probably send something extra your way! Have fun and be creative!

This contest will end March 31st at 11:59pm.

Because most of the packages will be large, the prizes will only be open to US/Canada.  I try to open these up international as much as I can, but unfortunately this just wasn’t one of those times.

* There will probably be more contests soon! Most likely spontaneous, so keep an eye on twitter!

**I got to sign with them at the Dark Days of Supernatural stop in Minneapolis! :D SO FUN!

***No, you can’t have my John Green signed Peeps.

****If you haven’t heard of A Touch Mortal it starts out pretty “supernatural boy meets mortal girl and life is worth living again”.  But romance isn’t always smiles and sparkles.  Sometimes fifty pages in your true love takes a header off a balcony.  Sometimes you get stuck hanging out with death obsessed schizophrenics “for your protection.” And when those are the high points in your day, the afterlife starts to be a real bitch. Sound cool?

*****Ha! ATM balcony death jokes FTW!


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  1. Tweeted it, liked the vlog, and put it on my blog’s sidebar! I loved that vid BTW :) How long did that take you?

  2. Theresa says:

    I tweeted and like the video! What an amazing contest!

  3. Pamela says:

    Liked the vlog on YouTube (and in real life, really well done!)
    Tweeted it, too!

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Becky B. says:

    – liked the vlog on on youtube (TheBibliognome)
    – tweeted/retweeted about the contest,!/GeckyBoz

    Thanks for the contest, looking forward to reading your book. :)

  5. Hira Hasnain says:

    Liked the VLOG (how could you not!??!) – Enamoredsoul

    Tweeted it:!/inluvwithbookz/status/51027290586480641

    Posted it on my Facebook.

    Would love to see more vids like that, how about one with Leah IN IT!?!?! :)

    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

    • haha One with me in it would require being presentable. I’m in the death throes of my first round of edits for book 2. It. Is. Not. Pretty. It’s not even ugly. It’s something …unfilmable. But I’ll make sure to do a real vlog for next Thursday! :)

    • Well, we aim to please. I mean 90 % of the time when you guys ask for something we try to deliver! So if you want my face on your youtube, I’m on it. ;)

  6. Liked (love!) the video and tweeted!

  7. Hira Hasnain says:

    Looking forward to more Vlogs! :D

    Also, commented on the video as “enamoredsoul” :)

  8. Loved the video (not to mention the contest)! I’m so excited for A TOUCH MORTAL. My tweet about the contest can be found here:!/thestoryqueen/status/51037006431666176

    Fingers crossed!

  9. Lucia Hua says:

    Look at them ninja books. They’re just paper and ink cousins of mine. NINJAS FTW. Hahaha. Such a cute video! Gave them love and like! :D I’m definitely not that talented at making videos. But I can spread the word. :)

    -Liked the vlog
    -Put vlog on side bar:
    -Vlog blog (See what I did there?) :
    -Book of the Face status:
    -Does linking this post at the top of my blog count?

    Thanks for your awesomeness!!

  10. Lisa Hernandez says:

    Okay so I liked it:)
    I don’t have a twitter so I put it up in face book:)

    I blogged about it here!:)

  11. Cici says:

    LOVE IT! AWESOME! I Tweeted it…a couple times, retweets of others too by @cicistheories! Super cute!

  12. Cici says:

    Shared it on the Book of teh Face via Cici’s Theories AND my personal page C. Tomaszewski Cook… now, just to work on that banner and get it down to the tallest building in Oklahoma City…without getting arrested (I would hate to tarnish my record)…

  13. i posted it on my facebook book page……
    I also tweeted it……!/KayBug9621

    I am so excited about this contest I hope I win something I really want to read this.!Thank you for having it.

  14. I tweeted it @!/geminichick26,liked the vlog,and put it on my personal facebook profile

  15. Chloe says:

    Tweeted and liked the video! It is superfly :D

    Chloe Bray@chloebooklover
    Chloe Bray

    LOVE this video! Leah Clifford, A Touch Mortal Contest!
  16. Nikki H says:

    Like’d the vlog<3
    Tweeted about it [!/nikx2141]
    and also mass messaged everyone in my phone, my friends that don’t read are going to be sooo confused. x]
    my favorite reply i’ve gotten so far? “by assortment, do you mean like an assortment of chocolate or an assortment of cookies?” my guy friends should really pick up a book sometime =]

  17. Emmy Landeros says:

    Your books are like ninjas! Hahaha! THey are also very talented at climbing things. Lol.

    Liked (@Emmys322)


  18. Totally AWESOME video!! I love those type of videos. :)

    posted on facebook
    added to sidebar:
    and liked the vlog.

    thanks for the giveaway, Leah!

  19. Michele Luker says:

    This is just AWESOME!! No other words describe it!!

    I liked the vlog
    posted on FB!/profile.php?id=100000279517109

    I have a twitter, but have yet to figure out to post the link!! Duh!!
    THanks SO much!!

  20. Grace Radford says:

    I left a post about it on my facebook page, so it should reach about 700 people. that’s 700 enteries right? xD

  21. Ambur says:

    I liked the video, tweeted and facebooked:

    Ambur Hostyn@AmburHostyn
    Ambur Hostyn

    Check this vlog — Author Copies and Contests! via @youtube @LeahClifford #giveaway

    And I can honestly say I have never seen books rappel down a bookcase before! I wonder if that’s what they do at night while we’re sleeping…. :P

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway Leah! And thanks for sharing your video, it was pretty awesome :)

  22. Kimberly Meza says:

    I didn’t just like the vlog I loved it, but there’s no “love” button on youtube :( haha
    Kay, so I tweeted it here :!/ksmeza/status/51052668088631296


  23. John says:

    Retweeted, liked and tweeted about:

    John Moran@John_Moran
    John Moran

    Check out @LeahClifford‘s contest vlog for the chance to win some awesomeness: (involves ninja repelling moves)

    Merci :)

  24. You are really crazy, I Love to win at Least your book signed, love the vlog already like on toutube.


    ok is en spanish but I have an address in US an is NOT a P.O. Box

  25. I forget to let you now my Youtube ID Ronyka77

    Tweeted the Vlog –!/Ronyka7/status/51062639496933376

  26. Jennifer Alston says:

    I like the vlog and twitted it and i also posted it on FB. My twitter is drakijenn. Thanks for the chance.

  27. Thanks for the give away, I blog about it …. here is the link

    P.S. ok my blog is in spanish, but I hope my friends in Mexico will get interestig in the book and ask some publisher in Mexico to bring your book here, I live in a city that is border with US.

  28. Julie Meyers says:

    I liked the vlog on youtube, and tweeted about it on twitter!/officiallyjewel! This book sounds awesome i’m super excited about it.

  29. Julie Meyers says:

    I also just put it up on facebook!– Here’s a great video and a chance to win A TOUCH MORTAL by @leah clifford click the video and follow the directions!
    Want to win a SIGNED copy of @LeahClifford’s A TOUCH MORTAL? Want to see a supercool video? DO BOTH:
    Julie Meyers

  30. Michelle A says:

    I liked the Vlog and tweeted about it! This is so awesome of you to do! and Your video was super extra awesome!


    Thank you

  31. Jolene Allcock says:

    Loved the video :) Would love love to get my hands on this book, thanks for the chance.
    *Liked the vlog

    Jolene Allcock@joleneallcock
    Jolene Allcock

    Cute video!! Go to Leah’s blog for a chance to get one of FIVE copies of A Touch Mortal!!


  32. Valia says:

    Tweeted and LOVED the vlog! :)

    Valia Lind@VLSimplicity
    Valia Lind

    Assortment of Awesome!!! @LeahClifford & @YARebels are pretty amazing! :)

    You’re pretty amazing you know that! :)

  33. Jennifer Kalman says:

    I liked your vlog on youtube. That was a crazy video!


  34. Paula says:

    liked, tweeted and fb’d.
    Yay- contests FTW!

    Paula Cotton@TMPaulaRL
    Paula Cotton

    Check this video out — Author Copies and Contests! via @youtube
  35. Erica Shofner says:

    Wish you could “love” the vlog in button form, but I settled for a “like”. hehe. I Tweeted at!/nikkita975152
    And I Facebooked at: (I sent a Friend Request so you could see it.)
    I really hope I win. I would love to make your clutter my bookshelf’s new BFF!!! Thank you so much for this epic contest.

  36. Kellie says:

    Liked the vlog and tweeted about it–!/Levine92

    And I would hang a banner from some big building, but I’m kind of lazy soooo.

  37. Maria Ramey says:

    Awesome vlog! Very creative. I liked it and tweeted about it.

  38. Cici says:

    I did a special little post on my website…

  39. Cici says:

    @cicistheories Cici
    Stop on over and get your direct link to @LeahClifford and her GREAT giveaway of A TOUCH MORTAL

    and really, I tweeted this…why you ask? Because OBVIOUSLY from what I saw from your last giveaway you got it goin’ on with the giveaways…holy crap!

  40. Sara says:

    I liked the vlog–> even before I knew about the contest. It’s a wicked video.
    I posted about it on my blog–> Just Another story ( -Tweeted about the blog post, I also tweeted the link to the YT video. Tagged you in both. Thanks for the contest, it’s pretty awesome!

  41. Kari says:

    I liked the video! (Okay, I love it. And those copies SHOULD be vain!)

    And while I was tempted to hang a banner from a skyskraper, it’s almost the weekend. Maybe on Monday? But in the meantime, I did tweet!!/flamingo1325/status/51110090710855680

  42. Orchid says:

    Leah, this contest sounded sooo awesome that I HAD to go and make a youtube account (which I never planned on doing) just so I could like your fabulous video. ^_^

    I also put it in a post on my blog:

    Thanks for the super cool giveaway (I’m totally keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I’ll win because A Touch Mortal sounds really good).


  43. Alicia T. says:

    I wrote up a post on my blog about your EPIC contest!! <33 love ya hun! Thanks so much!

  44. Awesome! I liked the vlog (Rachel’s Photography).
    Would love to win all these awesome signed books!

  45. Katie says:

    I liked the vlog and tweeted (: I’m going to try to come up with another way to spread the word too… Here’s to hoping I come up with something creative! xD

  46. Miranda says:

    Love it, tweeted it and will be spreading the word

    Miranda Wyattmills@MyEclecticBook
    Miranda Wyattmills

    One of the most creative giveaways I have seen yet: go watch and then enter : A Touch Mortal by @LeahClifford
  47. Liked the vlog and spread the word on Twitter.

    Christine Dunbar@geekcdunbar
    Christine Dunbar

    @LeahClifford catches several ‘A Touch Mortal’s escaping and I want one! I love smart books. ;) Check it out here:

    Ingenious video, btw.

  48. Lee723 says:

    I tweeted the contest info here –

    Fic Talk@FicTalk
    Fic Talk

    Really awesome giveaway hosted by @LeahClifford the author of ‘A MORTAL’S TOUCH’ (gorgeous cover, btw) Deets here –

    Great idea! and the book cover is SO pretty!

  49. Michele Luker says:

    Signing up for another entry

    @leahclifford CHECK THIS OUT!!
    I tweeted this under stalkermamma…still can’t figure out how to copy and paste the link right..hope this counts..


    jmluker (at)

  50. OHHH Leah!! this is awesome! I absolutely adored the video on youtube and loved how they climbed the ladder to the fireplace lol. I really really really would love to win! did I say really? lol


    @LeahClifford author copies are here and escaping! Wanna catch one?

    This is great!


  51. Thank you for this opportunity! The music on that Vlog was goood! Liked it lots!

    Retweeted your post cuz I couldn’t have said it any better

    Leah Clifford@LeahClifford
    Leah Clifford

    My author copies are here and escaping! Wanna catch one?

    Thank you muches!

    Monica-Marie Holtkamp

  52. Fabulous VLOG! Thanks for this awesome contest!

    Here is my tweet:

    Flippin' Fabulous @AReadersRecord
    Flippin’ Fabulous

    Looky, Looky! A Touch Mortal Fabulousness With Leah Clifford (@LeahClifford) 5 Chances to Win! Ends March 31!

    Contest Link Posted in my right sidebar:

    Sticky Post Made at Read.Chat.Love, a new Author/Blogger Chat blog: I’ll also be mentioning this contest in our Friday afternoon Blogger Chat.

  53. I tweeted and @ you!/Kr15tina
    FB about the video linked you as well
    liked the vlog
    I have not a clue how to post the video on my side blog bar, I haven’t been able to master that one yet. :(

    Awesome contest
    Now you will definitively have less boxes to move!

  54. I liked this blog a while back… +1
    I am following you on Twitter +1
    I Blogged over on Tumblr +1
    I retweeted +1
    I set this as my status +1!/profile.php?id=549122928

    I also made a banner to put on my car. Sorry it’s not a banner, I’m clumsy. This is the closest i could get without causing harm to myself or anyone else. It’s gonna stay on my car until it rains, too!!!!

    here are the links to the photos AND

  55. Yay! Contest aptly named! I’ve pasted the embedded video on my blog sidebar
    Tweeted @frobwalk
    FB’d (F. Roberta Walker)
    Plus I ‘liked’ the video (as fionaqc)
    Crossing my fingers!

  56. Hello, you are fantastic. And this giveaway makes me giddy! I’d be more than happy to take a few of those books off your hands *drools*

    1. I liked the video (which was just perfect! I loved the part when they rappel down the bookshelf, hahaha).
    2. I tweeted about this lovely contest (!/booktooth/status/51325995126489088).
    3. I added a link to the sidebar of my blog:
    4. I tumblred it! (
    5. I also composed a haiku for you. I know, how thrilling. It’s a ~love~ haiku. Clearly your book and I are meant to be together. I’ve heard people talking. We’d be perfect together. I have more haikus, too (seriously like a whole page full of them, hahaha). I just decided to try embarrass myself the smallest possible amount with one that is not as silly as the rest, so I shall leave you with this one:

    Oh, A Touch Mortal
    With your sleek, shiny cover
    Will you marry me?

    Srs. business.
    6. I’m planning on doing something else (like a vlog or make a t-shirt or try out that snazzy banner-from-a-building idea you mentioned). I will reply to this comment to update when my mission is accomplished. This message will self-destruct in ten seconds.
    7. Also, not a contest entry, but it’s really funny all the same! Look at this. (I assume everyone’s default setting is Harry Potter Fan, so I hope you are, too!)
    8. There is no eight.

    If you actually read through all of this, you are a trooper! Thank you so much for hosting this kick-ass giveaway.

  57. Tweeted and Facebooked.
    This is a great contest idea. I might have to steal, I mean, borrow it for my book. :)

  58. I made a video entry and I liked the video. Thanks so much for the chance to win, it is very sweet. We made a little poster for our car

    heres the video link

  59. George D Grosik Jr says:

    Ok…Liked it, linked it on FB, don’t have Twitter, blogged it on
    and a little something extra…

    Out there in the night sky you can now see Eden and Az shining in the Aries constellation.
    Thanks Leah!

  60. Nicole says:

    I “liked” the video on YouTube, and I would have Tweeted it but I don’t have a Twitter account, which I’m fast realizing is inhibiting extra contest entries for the multiple YA contests that I’ve entered. Is that a sign I should get one and join the masses? I don’t know… But what I DO know is that is an awesome contest!! I can’t believe you have all this random YA book-ness just lying around in your basement! Wanna trade? :D

    Anyway, great contest! Looking through these entries, I see that I can’t even compare to making banners or even video responses for ATM (I saw the acronym and it confused me at first, because I just went to one today to get some keesh), but I’m hoping you’ll at least get a laugh from mine. Not sure if it would help, but my dream job is to be a writer. I’m still in college and planning on majoring in English, while writing my first novel (225 pages in!). It’s difficult to say the least. Homework and boyfriend take up a lot of my life, and even when I get the chance to write I’m not always inspired. Not only that, but if I’m reading an okay book, that’s how my writing sometimes turns out. But when I’m reading a great book, the opposite occurs. Has this ever happened to you, or am I some sort of anomaly who can’t get their head on straight? Just curious what you think.

    Again, amazing contest, and sorry if this entry is so long. I couldn’t help myself *shy face*. Oh, and I cannot wait to read A Touch Mortal. It sounds awesome!! Thanks Leah!

  61. says:

    I tweeted it and like the vlog on youtube Pretty please enter me to win one of your fabulous prizes .

  62. minhchieu tran says:

    Totally AWESOME video!!
    Liked the vlog on YouTube
    tweeted here:!/chieu12

  63. Hira Hasnain says:

    I tweeted the giveaway again (Saturday)

    Enamored Soul@inluvwithbookz
    Enamored Soul

    Check out @LeahClifford ‘s AWESOME stop motion animation vlog AND win a signed copy of her book!!!!

    Thank you, again, for the awesome giveaway opportunity! :)

    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  64. kristina shields says:

    liked and tweeted! : fab-u-lous giveaway!!!

  65. Nikki says:

    I do enjoy an assortment of awesome! Thanks for this awesomesauce giveaway.

    I liked the video on YT (iheartpinguinos)
    I put it on my sidebar:
    And tweeted it:!/Nikkayme/status/51791917826064384

    I’m working on some other ideas too. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull something else together. Thanks!

  66. I Added the contest to my sidebar

    AmethystDaydreams at zoho dot com

  67. Brandy Huffman says:

    What an awesome contest!!!

    +1 I liked the vlog
    +1 I posted on facebook: (I’m not sure that you will be able to see it though because my profile is private).

  68. Melissa Gandy says:

    tweeted you some love!!

    melrg Melissa Gandy
    Check this out spreading the love for @LeahClifford
    1 minute ago Favorite Reply Delete

  69. I liked the vlog simply because there is no LOVE IT button! I also posted the contest on my facebook. I shared it on my blog’s facebook as well. :) ) Thanks so much for the chance to win :) I love books and my husband likes it when I can get a free one now and again ;)

  70. I liked your vlog simply because there was no LOVE IT button :) ) I also shared the contest on my facebook page. Thanks for the chance to win:)) I love books and my husband likes it if I can get a free one now and again ;) )

  71. here is the link to my book blog. we do book reviews, author interviews, and GIVEAWAYS!

  72. I liked the vlog simply beacuse there wasn’t a LOVE IT button! I shared the contest on facebook :) ) thanks for the opportunity!!/profile.php?id=673688229

  73. I posted your video and contest in my IMM blog. I got your book this week, but I would love a signed copy as well :)

  74. Abhishek Duggal says:

    Liked the vlog (username: forsurveysonly) and here’s a link to my tweet:!/forsurveysonly/status/51909571488387072

  75. Em says:

    Tweeted about it:!/emdelorme

    Liked the video : abeautifulmadness

    Awesome video!

  76. latisha depoortere says:

    I loved the vlog and heard so much about your book can’t wait to read it !
    Tweeted for you!

    Latisha j DePoortere@latishajean
    Latisha j DePoortere

    Very cool contest and vlog @LeahClifford‘s A Touch Mortal’s Assortment of Awesome Contest! Ends 3/31


  77. latisha depoortere says:

    I also shared on facebook Thanks so much again :)!/permalink.php?story_fbid=211855052163764&id=1337268497

  78. Loved (and liked) the incredible vlog!
    Twitter Entry:

    Matt Linenbroker@MattLinenbroker
    Matt Linenbroker

    Check out @LeahClifford‘s awe-isnpiring contest All for a signed copy of A Touch Mortal:
  79. April X says:

    Thanks for the cool contest :D
    I liked the vlog and tweeted:

    April X@ramen_addict
    April X

    You should click the link and be prepared to be amazed.
  80. Wow AMAZING giveaway!

    Liked the Vlog and tweeted!
    TheBookBell Blake Bell
    Win some AWESOME books from @LeahClifford

  81. Avery says:

    I liked the vlog!
    And I Tweeted about the giveaway!!/AverysBookNook

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Aurora says:

    Yet a set of tweets for you!

    Aurora Momcilovich@scarletredwill
    Aurora Momcilovich

    Check this video out — Author Copies and Contests! via @youtube

    Placed on Facebook for you!

  83. Jaidis says:

    I liked the vlog and tweeted it

    Jaidis Shaw@JaidisShaw
    Jaidis Shaw

    A Touch Mortal’s Assortment of Awesome Contest! Enter for your chance to win! @LeahClifford

    Thanks for the chance!

    JaidisShaw at yahoo dot com

  84. Aurora says:

    A poem of you…….just spreading the love ♥
    Posted on Facebook with a connect to your book and crazy good vlog!
    When a time comes and no one is there
    A touch, a heart, and fear everywhere.
    Where do I belong?
    Who is there for me?
    The fallen, his love
    cause despair some unseen.
    But I will not be what they want me to be.
    My heart knows whats right
    and what is unclean.
    Things will be lost, betrayals begin
    Sometimes there is love and other time sin.
    Let the game begin.

  85. Parajunkee says:

    Made us work for this didn’t you? LOL

    Ok here is my fun post:

    Here is my tweet:!/parajunkee/statuses/52153117348864000
    It also tweets that I liked your video:!/parajunkee/statuses/52153316293083136
    But I did like it, I’m rrivera39 on youtube.

    XOXO Parajunkee

  86. tweeted about it @Kr15tina

  87. Jen R says:

    What an awesome giveaway and I love the vlog. I like it and tweeted it!


  88. Katie says:

    I liked the video and I posted on twitter:


    Assortment of Awesome!!! @LeahClifford & @YARebels are pretty amazing!
  89. Aurora says:

    Please see the page below for a special treat! I am so crazy for this giveaway I wrote a piece of music for your book! If I could find a way to download from my music program I would and I still may…should I wake up as a genus tomorrow!!!!! Know I am no musician or trained in any way but my determination is great and my heart true. ♥ ENJOY!

  90. I blogged:

    And tweeted:

    Jessica A.@justso_jessica
    Jessica A.

    So this is pretty much one of the coolest author vlogs ever. Check it out.

    I am still trying to think of something crazy and creative.
    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway :D


  91. Tweeted Sunday:

    megan kyser@mekyser
    megan kyser

    Enter to win a a copy of A Touch Mortal by @LeahClifford before they get away!
  92. Alyssa says:

    I tweeted =)


    chance to score a SIGNED copy of A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford & other goodies
  93. I tweeted again!!! Oh, and it rained here yesterday. I did NOT allow one spec of a raindrop to get on my A Touch Mortal Poster that was on my car. It would have been unforgivable…..

  94. I liked the Vlog and posted about it on Twitter! Thanks :D

  95. JenniferA says:

    What an amazing contest! Wow. I think it’s beyond generous. I’m excited!

    I liked the video on youtube! (how do I prove that? lol)

    I also posted about it on FB. I don’t know if you can see it:

    let me know if you can’t see it!

    I need to go post it on my blog now.

  96. JenniferA says:

    Ok, you are on my blog now! I put a picture link on my sidebar. :)


  97. JenniferA says:

    Oh, and are you a nerdfighter??? I couldn’t help but notice your link was shortened with

    If so, than that’s completely awesome. I love the vlogbrothers! :)



    • YES I AM! WOOT! You too!? Love the vlogbrothers!

      • JenniferA says:

        Yay! I was hoping you would know what I’m talking about!

        Yes! I’m a nerdfighter too! I recently discovered the awesomeness of the vlogbrothers. No one “in real life” understands my love for them. :P

        Can i just say that I’m super excited that you (an author!) replied to my reply? Because I am. I am super excited! :D

        I’m dying to get a DFTBA or a giraffe love t-shirt from their shop! My husband thinks I’m silly. LOL


      • Ah! That is awesome! I have the giraffe love shirt and I’m thinking about getting a tattoo of something John said in a Vlog Brothers video. The one in Amsterdam? “A little boat, full of water, still floating” with a little sketch of a boat.

        There are more nerdfighter authors out there than you think!

      • JenniferA says:

        Yes, I remember the Amsterdam video! That would be a beautiful tattoo. Love it!

        It’s hard not to like them when they are so clever and nice.

        I’m jealous you have the giraffe love shirt! I must get one.


  98. Tweeted for Monday:

    megan kyser@mekyser
    megan kyser

    Enter to win a a copy of A Touch Mortal by @LeahClifford before they get away! Better hurry they’re pretty quick!

    amethystdaydreams at zoho dot com

  99. Cynthia Garcia says:

    I loved, loved, loved the vlog. I am calling them ninja books with attitude!

    I posted on my Facebook page :

    I posted om my Facebook book page:

    I tweeted on my twitter:!/tootsiebutt

    I tweeted on my book page twitter:!/BookReaderAddic

    And I liked the Vlog!

    Thank you so much! I have my fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else I can cross crossed.

  100. Lee723 says:
    Fic Talk@FicTalk
    Fic Talk

    Really awesome giveaway hosted by @LeahClifford the author of ‘A MORTAL’S TOUCH’ Go check it out! –

    I tweeted about the contest again! So excited! ❤

  101. This contest is truly Made of Win. Thank you! I “liked” your ninja vlog, and shared it on Facebook, Twitter, and in my sidebar.


    Thank you!

  102. Alba says:

    posted it on facebook too!!!


  103. Todays Tweet/Entry #2

    Matt Linenbroker@MattLinenbroker
    Matt Linenbroker

    The amazing contest by @LeahClifford to win a signed copy of A Touch Mortal rages on! Check out the contest and vlog!
  104. Tweeted once again!!!!
    I just love their ninja moves. Chuck Norris would be proud!!/angelanbobby01

  105. Amber says:


    I liked the vlog under my youtube account: Amberinblunderland

    I also tweeted today:!/Amberinblunderl

    And for my creative contribution, I am throwing A Touch Mortal a wedding with 5 of 2011′s most eligible bachelors on my blog:

    Make sure you check it out and you can even vote for her match if you’d like! The results will be in next week!

  106. Alyssa says:

    Win a SIGNED copy of A Touch Mortal by @LeahClifford & other goodies ASSORTMENT OF AWESOME CONTEST
  107. Tweeted about the contest today, @ you as well to that tweet :)

  108. Rosa says:

    I liked the vlog and tweeted about the contest!! This is an amazing contest! Thanks so much!!/RosaShah/status/53154581974220800

  109. Elaina Watler says:

    Liked the vlog and tweeted about the contest! =)

    Elaina Watler@ereader89
    Elaina Watler

    Check out @LeahClifford ‘s vlog AND win a signed copy of her book!!!!
  110. Alisha says:

    I posted the shortened on both my Twitter and my Facebook. Love the blog. Also will tweet it again tomorrow.

  111. Wednesday’s Twitter Entry:

    Matt Linenbroker@MattLinenbroker
    Matt Linenbroker

    The awesome contest by @LeahClifford to win a signed copy of A Touch Mortal continues! Check it out!
  112. Aurora says:

    I am not sure just how much is TOO much for such a great contest!!!!!
    I have tweeted once again

    Aurora Momcilovich@scarletredwill
    Aurora Momcilovich

    Giveaway beyond awesome!!!!!!! @LeahClifford the author of ‘A MORTAL’S TOUCH’ Go check it out! –

    I wrote a song and posted on your Facebook

    I have made funny (at least I hope they are funny) pics promoting your book
    A Touch Mortal as street art
    and I even got some Bieber fever for your book!

    wrote a poem for the book
    When a time comes and no one is there
    A touch, a heart, and fear everywhere.
    Where do I belong?
    Who is there for me?
    The fallen, his love
    cause despair some unseen.
    But I will not be what they want me to be.
    My heart knows whats right
    and what is unclean.
    Things will be lost, betrayals begin
    Sometimes there is love and other time sin.
    Let the game begin.

    One last entry……*screaming for the rooftop*



  113. Elie says:

    fabulous contest and vlog. I Liked it!

    Plus here’s a tweet.

    Elie Nice@EllzReadz
    Elie Nice

    Have you seen this creative vlog by Leah Clifford?
  114. Elie says:

    Decided to post this on FB too.!/profile.php?id=100000957314571


    How long did it take you 2 make that vlog?

  115. Robin K says:

    Fantastic! Liked the video, tweeted, blogged, and shared on Facebook! Whew! my work here is done. Fantastic job on the video!

    Robin K@IntenseWhisper
    Robin K

    A Touch Mortal’s Assortment of Awesome Contest! Check out the contest and video!!

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

    last day comment about your contest. I did @ you to the contest

    I really hope I will, I want a signed copy SO SO much!!

  117. Ashley Gafford says:

    I tweeted! Here’s the link….!/abgafford
    Awesome contest!

  118. Wrighty says:

    Wow, that is amazing!! Thanks for a fantastic offer and I can’t wait to read this book! Such a clever vlog too. That must have taken forever! Did you knock any of them down and have them fall like dominoes? So frustrating…

    Beat wishes to you! I’ve already heard amazing comments and great reviews. :)

    + I liked the vlog
    + Post on my blog
    + Sidebar on blog

  119. Ashley S says:

    Such a cute vlog and generous contest! I “liked” your video and tweeted about it:!/booksobsession/status/53543952061702144
    Also put your contest on my sidebar at

    Thanks! booksobsession(at)gmail(dot)com

  120. I liked the Vlog and Tweeted!!!

  121. OMG Love the vlog. You did an awesome job. I liked the video and posted a link on my facebook page.


  122. I meant to add that on youtube its cindysmith2007 and on face book its Cindy Smith.

  123. donnas says:

    Congrats!! Very exciting, looking forward to it.

    I liked the vlog – DonnaS1111
    tweeted –!/DonnaS1/status/53641936078254080
    posted –

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  124. Joanna says:

    Hi Leah,
    What an awesome contest you’re doing! I liked… no, loved your vlog. You’re so funny. Since I hardly do FB and have no Twitter, I thought I would spread the word about “A Touch Mortal” in a different way. So you can see and checkout what I did, I made a YouTube video. This was the first video I’ve ever made and edited, so please excuse my kindergarten-like work. However, I had so much fun doing it. Just click on the link below to view it.


  125. Thursdays tweet! Final Entry! *Gulp* hoping for the best!

    Matt Linenbroker@MattLinenbroker
    Matt Linenbroker

    1 HOUR left to enter @LeahClifford‘s contest for signed copies of A Touch Mortal and other awesome prize packs!
  126. Samantha LeAnne says:

    Talk about something made of pure awesome right there. That is the coolest video! I hope it didn’t take you forever!

    Liked :)


  127. I liked the vlog and Tweeted :)

    Leah Clifford@LeahClifford
    Leah Clifford

    You have a little over ONE hour to enter! And I just got swag from @gretchenmcneil and @hannahmosk for prizepacks!
  128. The contest is now closed! Thanks!

  1. elka maxwell says:

    Am interested as to when you’ll be visiting Las Vegas.

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