Pay It Forward Interview with Courtney Allison Moulton

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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My third interview in this weeks Pay It Forward Interview week is with the author of My Soul to Reap, Courtney Allison Moulton.  If you read todays Publisher’s Lunch, you saw her name mentioned.  Mark my words, this girl’s onto something! 

So, Courtney, where’s that haiku about your book…

Yeah.. this is about to go down in the Haiku Fail Hall of Fame. I don’t do poetry, but I’ll do this for you because I love you, L.

Reapers are awesome
But Ellie has to to kill them
‘Cause they eat people.

When do you think someone becomes a "real" writer?

I’ve always been a firm believer in the old saying, "If you fall off the horse, get right back on" and then you’re a real horseperson. That applies to writing, as well. You’re a real writer once you sit back, take a good long look at your writing, and realize what about it sucks. Once you realize good writing takes many drafts and many psychotic breakdowns, then you’re a real writer.

Where are you on the crazy rocky road to publication?

My debut YA urban fantasy trilogy, beginning with MY SOUL TO REAP, will be published in March 2011 from HarperCollins / Katherine Tegen Books. Hard work, dedication to becoming a better writer, and belief in yourself can get anyone this far. You have to want it bad enough to work your butt off.

Thanks, Courtney for stopping by!  You can check out more about MStR here!

You can find other author interviews ALL over the web this week by clicking this link and scrolling to the bottom!

*huge apologies for the late posting! Livejournal was being a butt earlier, and unfortunately I had to head to work…

  1. lisa_laura says:

    Courtney, this book sounds amazing! And I freaking love your title. Can’t wait to see this one on the shelves! Thanks for another great interview!

  2. elanajohnson says:

    Congrats on your book. I can’t wait until next March — that seems eternally long from now. 🙂

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