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So we’re back from the dead on the blog!  This was just too good to pass up.  Earlier this month I was approached about doing a Pay It Forward interview chain of pre-published authors!  The idea was to show that people do make it, and even if the road gets hard, you keep going.  What a great way to spread the positive vibes!  Don’t worry though, I’m not going soft.  See, this interview came with the added plus that I got to interview people, and got to write their questions.  So, I made my interviewees write their pitch in a haiku.  Seriously.  I’m cruel like that.  So without further ado, the first interview is with Gretchen McNeil, my YA Rebel buddy!

Can you describe your story for us in haiku form?
I hate you a little bit for this.  Just a little.
exorcist Bridget
banishes demons to Hell
Evil is revenged

At what point do you think someone becomes a "real" writer?  Finishing the novel? Querying? Sale?
Labels.  They suck. 
I think writers come in all varieties and sizes, whether you’re writing copy for a radio detergent commercial or winning the Pulitzer.  But for me, the moment I thought I was a "real" writer was when I wrote "THE END" for the first time on a novel.  I set out to write a novel.  I wrote a novel.  I became a "real" writer again when I edited that novel.  Then again when I queried it.  Each step is part of the same journey, and I realize every day that as long as I’m continuing to move forward, I AM a real writer.

Where are you on the road to publication and how did you get this far?
I have a wonderful, rock star agent – Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown – and we are currently on submission.  I finished my first novel 2 and a half years ago but didn’t land an agent until I started querying my second novel.  Next step?  Publication!

Thanks for the interview, Gretchen!  Her blog is here, and she posts as Monday on the vlog collab channel the YA Rebels (which btw is holding an AWESOME guest vloggers week right now!). 

My interview will be up on Lisa and Laura Roeker’s blog  later this week, but there are MANY others participating and sharing success stories!  You can check them out here:

Elana Johnson
Beth Revis
Victoria Schwab
Kristen Hubbard
Carrie Harris
Kim Harrington
Suzette Saxton and Bethany Wiggins
Amy Holder
Kathy McCullough
Tiffany Schmidt
Susan Adrian
Dawn Metcalf
Gretchen McNeil

  1. elanajohnson says:

    Excellent haiku!! Yay! And I love how you say labels suck, and that you are a real writer. That’s something I’m still struggling with a bit. 🙂

    • Thanks, Elana. And thank YOU for organizing all of this.
      My theory on “labels” was developed over my many years in the performing arts. Basically, if YOU don’t believe it, no one else will. 😀

  2. amyholder says:

    Inpressive haiku! Good luck with the rest of your publication journey, Gretchen!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Adore the haiku! I’ll buy this book. 🙂
    –Linda G.

  4. Great interview and love the haiku!! Can’t wait to read Banished!!

  5. juliakarr says:

    Great haiku and interview!

  6. Gretchen, I am SO with you on the haiku… I’m not sure if I’ve forgiven Leah yet. Or Scott, since he refused to write mine for me (How dare he?!).
    Great interview!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Awesome haiku! Man, I’m glad you didn’t make me do one of those. 🙂

  8. lisa_laura says:

    Love this–your Haiku rocks and so do you.

  9. OMG you guys are so awesome.
    *makes out with everyone*

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