Notes on Starting a New Story

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Uncategorized
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1.  Just like in the movie Abyss when he’s breathing the liquid, there will be thrashing, there will be resistance, but your body will remember.  Your body will adjust.

2.  Getting down to your "writing weight" has been a good running joke, but take care of yourself.  Pretzles, coffee and nicotine are not food groups.

3.  When you wake up, and your skin is slick with sweat, your head fuzzy with the memory of how the club smelled, and the blanket feels too much like the bodies pressed against you as you struggled to get closer to Luke singing on stage…when you bolt upright after only a few hours of sleep and your ears are still ringing from standing too close to speakers that exist only in your dreams, this is a gift. 

4.  On the same note, never keep a notebook on your bedside table.  These snippets are not meant for you, they’re meant for your subconscious.  They will come back. 

5.  Those throw away details that you can not explain?  Later they’ll be pivital plot points.  Now is not the time to stress over why they’re there or where they came from. 

6.  Having a "real life" full of going out, socializing, friends…Not Writers will explain to you how healthy and necessary these are.  They’ll never understand that these things are luxuries.  Right now is not the time for them.  They will be there later.  Others are different and that is okay too.  But for you?  That perfect scene playing out behind your eyelids may not wait.  Get it down now.

7.  It will get very ugly.  This is generally when the beautiful things happen, when the book gets written.  Give up a little less frequently than you did last time. 

8.  When you write a paragraph that gets you excited, that makes your skin crawl with its potential, has you smiling as you’re typing.  Even if you wake up the next morning to reread it and realize it sucks?  You’re doing it right. 

  1. edgyauthor says:

    These are all so true, especially #5; it’s strange how those sneaky details almost always end up being so important later.
    And #6…gah. So annoying. People try to drag me out of the house when I’m nose-deep in writing, claiming I need a break, but I can do that during writer’s block! Us writers know that beast is always lurking somewhere. XD

  2. ash_krafton says:

    brilliant tune btw
    I live for throw-away details. They are the trap-doors that either get me into reallly fun trouble or out of really ugly trouble.

  3. throw away details are the best parts!

  4. sniadecki says:

    Those paragraphs you think suck? Start a junk file. Copy, paste, forget. But don’t destroy them permanently, because there may come a time when you really wish you could remember. And sometimes our words age as gracefully as wine.

  5. elanajohnson says:

    Very true list. Loved it! 😀

  6. fandoria says:

    This is a great list!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Love this list…I agree completely!

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