Schizophrenic or Writer…You decide!

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Book 2 is mucking about in my brainplaces.  It started out pretty typical, with me searching out new music with frenetic ferret energy (tm legionfalcon ) and new pictures for visuals.  I was nearly through a whole day of this, all the while blissfully unaware as to what was happening when it finally hit me.  Oh.  You.  You are book 2.  Then I pouted a bit.  I didn’t want you to come visit so soon, book 2 😦  It looks like the break I was promising myself during "query time" is not going to happen.  Alas, I’m still overjoyed to know you’re there, and will be moving into my every thought soon.

Right now, I have two POV’s that I’m pretty solid on–ones that need to be there for the story to be told.  But this time through there’s a third POV that’s up for grabs.  And they all want it.  I’ve got voices in my head, chucking pictures at me, bits of dialogue, anything shiny enough to attract the Writer.  

  Right now I can feel the wheels turning, the story starting to take form.  I can’t wait to start!  Does this happen to anyone else?

  1. mokothecrazy says:

    This happen to me when my head it’s full of ideas and I need to draw…or I’ll become crazy…It’s strange but..It help me to draw…sometimes happened that I need to wake up at night becouse I had a great idea and I need to draw it or I will forget it!

    • leahclifford says:

      I keep a notebook by my bed, just in case something comes in that space RIGHT before I fall asleep. I’m usually too tired to head back to the computer, and if I don’t get it down it’s gone when I get up!

      • mokothecrazy says:

        It’s a good idea…I use to sleep only 4/5 hour at night becouse I have a lot of ideas and too little time to do it. I study in Florence at the Nemo Accademy of Digital Arts… so I have to study and to go to my lessons during the day…

  2. helloalena says:

    I think all creative people have this!

  3. I jam myself up at the beginning of books because I get too excited. lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    On the edge…
    HHHMMMM not sure about this I think it can sometimes be right on the edge of needing padded walls and close to the edge of brilliant…keep on the edge do not fall into the padding. Might need to start slipping happy pills into coffee, LOL. Stay brilliant.

  5. fandoria says:

    Yes! Right now I’ve got the book I’m trying to finish plus four more crammed in my head. Three of those have been there for quite a while waiting not-so-patiently to finish the current one. The fourth one is brand new and thankfully isn’t being loud for the moment. It’s very hard to tune them out so I can focus. It’s going to be even harder trying to decide which to work on next.

  6. dina_james says:

    All the freakin’ time. Usually when I’m not in the position to write, like when I’m in the shower or on the phone.
    Besides, my doctor told me that unless the voices in my head start telling me to kill people or that people are trying to kill *me*, it’s okay.
    Yes, we’re crazy, but don’t worry…we’re the happy kind!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I love that exciting I can’t wait to write moment. It’s been two weeks now (!) since I’ve worked on my WIP and I left things at a rather exciting place, so I am (for once) rather eager to get back to it.

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