Rock on…

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So I just joined facebook if anybody wants to friend me.  I got sent a link for some What Kind of Girl Are You quiz.  I ignored it once, but the invite popped up somewhere else and I was bored so….

You are: The Wildfire
She is Spontaneous, Crude, and Loving. You’ll often times find her dancing by herself near the jukebox/the band/in the middle of an empty field. She enjoys life on a level unappreciated by others. Like a lost AM radio station, she is quite a delight to experience, if even for a small amount in time. Just as wildfire comes, wildfire goes. She’s here one day and gone the next, often leaving without a note. This is the tragic being of one of God’s most beautiful creature. You’ll always remember her for the wind in her hair and the music she sways to.

…….I heart facebook 🙂


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