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Posted: October 21, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Yeah.  Eating a bunch of Peeps for dinner is not a good idea.  But it DOES make for interesting sugar rush plotting on TOAFN.   "TOAFN?!!" says you.  "I have not heard of this!!!"
"I know, right?" I squee back.  "It’s a prequel to Reapers…kinda.  It may be the first book and Reapers may be the second.  I’m not sure…"
You.  Pause.  Shoot me an unsure glance and hesitate before speaking.  "You do know it’s a waste of time right?  You haven’t even finished the first one because it’s still out with betas and you need revisions like MAD and you haven’t written your query and…"
"Yes, but it’s SHINY!  And the timeline is all messed up so it might come both before and after Reapers!  Isn’t that CRAZY!!!"  I smile at you.  It is clear that I’ve left sanity in the dust. 
"But if you don’t get an agent for Reapers, let alone SELL it you do know it’s a waste of like 6 months right?"
Me, gesturing wildly with my hands (thank YOU Peeps sugar rush).  "I KNOW!  See though, I’m gonna write it like REALLY fast though!  In like two months!!!  Plus, what if it’s book one and I’m querying book TWO?  OMG that would suck!  Plus!!!  With the timeline, I can call it The Once And Future Novel (TOAFN) and pronounce it Toe Fin and drive everyone crazy with little snippets."
You:  Shuffles away slowly…very very slowly. 
Me:  OOOoO! Another Peep!!

  1. reneesweet says:

    I keep forgetting to tell you about Matt Nathanson-I saw him in concert here. He was so freaking great. Music was great and he’s SO FUNNY. I thought of you when he sang Still. 🙂 He was talking about this show he just played to a very mixed audience (young to middle aged to old) and how it made it impossible for him to talk about any of his songs. So then he says, “I wrote this next song about… uh… how can I say this?…. Okay. See how I’m sweating right now? Yeah, sometimes I do that off stage, too. This song is about that.” Then he broke into Still. LOL! I love him.

  2. I love Peeps almost as much as I love candy corn, which is a lot.

  3. jmeadows says:

    Oooh, Peep rush. Fun! Where are you getting Peeps this time of year?!
    Have fun with the brain-jack. 😉

  4. brimfire says:

    Aw, it won’t be a waste of six months if you don’t sell Reapers. You’ll sell the next book or the next one and then, when you’re agent asks you “what else do you have?” you can bring out this fabulous manuscript. 🙂

    • leahclifford says:

      Awww thanks Brimfire! I’ve just always heard it was crazy to start on a sequel (or prequel lol) for a book you haven’t sold. *I* still wanna write it, but mentally it’s going to be a HUGE leap of faith.

  5. Gah, I need some peeps. 🙂

  6. katekquinn says:

    Peeps fan unite!
    As a Peeps fan you may have already seen this, but just in case, here’s a link to some peepshow election goodness!

  7. elanajohnson says:

    LOL! Peeps for dinner? Man, you rock!

  8. libbyreed says:

    Cool! Did you know that if you put Peeps in the microwave they GROW? Double, triple, quadruple, the fun. 🙂

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