Sing It Bowie!!! CH CH CH CHAIN (ges)

Posted: October 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Blog chain time.  Unfortunately, I’m on a writing binge, so this isn’t going to be an awesomely hilarious thought out post.  Fortunately, it’s on something I can work with in that context.  Mary Lindsey chose the topic this time, which was

What kind of quirky habits or rituals do you have regarding your writing?

Terri Rainer went before me and H.L. Dyer is after.  So here we go…the super fast and condensed version of Leah’s quirks.

First off, I have a bizarre fear of dehydration.  I must have at least two drinks with me at all times.  I may not be drinking them, but they’re there.  On my desk right now is a bottle of Sprite and a cup of coffee.  I have several cans of warm diet coke hidden in my desk drawers.  Oh, I also drink all of my soda warm.  Always. 

Second, I have to have my Gmail page open, another tab open for LJ or Youtube or slacking off.  Then the story.  THEN Windows Media Player.  They must be in this order.  I have to check EVERYTHING before I start to write.  It takes me about an hour. 

I’ve stayed away from the weird habits this book.  While writing Water Lilies, I got REALLY bad.  I had to have a certain number of candles burning at all times and all sorts of things had to be done in a certain order…I’m really much better now 🙂 

I’m a huge advocate of Song on Repeat for getting into the mood, so I do that a lot.  Everyone hates it 🙂  I have headphones to save the sanity of all involved.

Ugh, I’m really sorry this is so short!  I’m really distracted today…trying to get as close to finishing as possible.  I’m so close…but so far!  Maybe I should fast until I finish?  Would that be motivation?  Quirks this book?  Nah….

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  1. doortoriver says:

    I probably am not helping by pointing out that both coffee and soda actually lead to dehydration because they’re diuretics. XD

  2. dina_james says:

    I’m glad someone else likes warm soda! That’s how I drink mine – warm. But I also like mine flat, so if it’s in the fridge I’ll open it and set it on the counter to both go flat AND warm. Yes, I’m strange. But we knew that.

  3. hldyer says:

    Don’t worry about your beverages being diuretics.
    Studies have actually shown that caffeinated beverages DO hydrate you, just not as effectively as non-caffeinated ones. And Sprite is not caffeinated anyway. 🙂
    So you’re all good.

  4. tezmilleroz says:

    WARM soda??? I fetch my drink from the fridge, and a small glass of cola usually lasts me about an hour. So I allow mine to become warm, but they’re not allowed to start off that way! 😉
    Have a lovely day! 🙂

    • leahclifford says:

      i have to drink my soda from a bottle with a cap. Sometimes they last only minutes…others I throw them out for fear of bacterial growth. The only time I willingly do cans is when they’re the tiny little two sips size of cans and those can last me all night sometimes.

  5. smua says:

    Well, I don’t drink soda anymore, though I have been known to have both water and tea on my desk at work.

  6. marylindsey says:

    Hey, being near the end of a major edit, I am amazed you got a coherent post up at all. Fun info about the drinks. I’ve gotta have a cup of coffee nearby whether I drink it or not. Liquid security blanket.
    You are kind to get headphones out of consideration for others. I make people around me suffer! Listen to my damn song over and over and over… They usually go away, which is even better. 🙂

    • leahclifford says:

      “Hey, being near the end of a major edit, I am amazed you got a coherent post up at all.”
      Well, considering it was about what I do that’s crazy, it wasn’t such a stretch of the imagination! I may revisit this topic and go far more in depth…

  7. elanajohnson says:

    Warm soda? Dude, that’s weird. My SIL leaves hers out on the counter until it’s warm and flat. I don’t get the point of soda if it’s warm and flat. Don’t you want the burn? The COLD burn? Mmm, I do.
    And I get the order thing. Really, I do. 🙂

  8. This might make me quirky — I read about how you had to have a certain number of candles burning for your last ms and think…was that helpful? Should I try that? 🙂

    • leahclifford says:

      Well, at first they’re just for light but then you think “Hey, I had seven candles when I nailed that scene…wonder what would happen with eight?” and so it increases because the number CAN NOT go down (that would be very VERY BAD) until you are making not one but TWO trips a week to the dollar store and spending $30-40 a week on candles is just not budget friendly. DO NOT ATTEMPT… It’s like smoking, if you haven’t started, DON’T. (but it gives off SUCH a lovely light)

  9. libbyreed says:

    hmm…I’m sitting here looking at my water glass, tea glass, and coffee cup…YIKES! lol, too funny.
    And congrats on finishing Reapers!!!!!! That is sooooo cool.

  10. elknutswife says:

    LOL yep, I have 2 glasses of water on my desk right now…but mostly just because I had forgotten I already had one 😀 And I LOVE Bittersweet by Apocolyptica! it’s on my repeat at the moment. I do the order thing too – very useful 😀 And yay!!! on you finishing! (I read your posts after this one 😉 ) Soooo exciting!!! Go drink that warm soda and celebrate!!!

  11. katekquinn says:

    I am with you on the need for many beverages, but warm soda? That has to be an acquired taste… or maybe the reverse is true. Hmmm…
    Anyway, congrats on getting to “the end”!

  12. I like warm soda too! I’ll drink it cold, but there’s something warm and fuzzy about drinking a room temperature carbonated beverage. So how do you feel about ice cubes? Because unless it’s crushed ice, I DO NOT WANT. We hates it, precious.

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