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Sigh… I present for your humor the reason for rewrites.  Worst sentence ever…

Everything felt numb and far away like part of a reflection in the picture windows next to them where everything came out looking backwards and wavy.

Sometimes I even outdo my worst expectations of myself…

  1. dina_james says:

    Dude! I want some of whatever you were on when you wrote that! What was it…sleep deprivation and caffeine? (Side note: I already have those in abundance!)
    Thanks for sharing that! It makes me feel much better about my own such gems.

  2. brimfire says:

    lol I’ve had a couple of “WTF” comments from some of my betas, but none of my sentences were as potentially awesome as yours. 🙂
    This is totally off topic, but are you going to go see Repo Man??? All my real life friends think I’m absolutely nuts for wanting to see it. If you do see it, you *must* tell me how it is.

  3. doortoriver says:

    That. Is. WONDERFUL.

  4. That is pretty bad. My most WTF error was I caught as I was sending friends Werewolf Supermarket Story—I substituted ‘Coldplay’ for ‘murdered’ in a random sentence. Absolutely no idea why/how.

  5. sniadecki says:

    That sentence was trying to do waaaaay too much, lol. But feel good that you caught yourself. 🙂

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