Posting because you have an awesome new avatar is the BEST reason to post!!

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Ah Emo Boys.  How I love them!  Like Ville Valo, who’s in the avatar though that’s not his best… here’s a better one!

 Anyway, I’ve been working on the finale and it’s coming along really well, though slow.  I’ve had to go back and reread and tweak to make things fit.  The side effect of this is that I’m rereading quite a bit.  Which does wonders for morale because I love the little exchanges between some of the characters.  Also, I’ve got a huge crush on Az…again.  I was a little squee faced over him a few months ago but now I’m just all atwitter.  For clarification, this is Az…

normal hot Az.                                       Dressed up Az.                                    His amazing eyes…sigh….

I just hope the betas like him even half as much as I do. 

The avatar came out of this conversation I was having with my friend Jacinda, who I’ve now sworn my eternal and undying love to. 

me:  PS.  really bad, but i’m totally crushing on Az again the more I reread… 
 jacinda:  oooooh, ok
lol yay az
dude he is hot
 me:  he is SO hot, and he has the best comebacks too for eden’s snarky little bitch attitude.  I think Az could handle me lol
 jacinda:  you want him to handle you
 me:  well yeah, that too
daydreaming about *&$#@!* a fallen angel  hehe  
another normal day here in Leahville
 jacinda:  lol
dude fallen angel is like vampire–inherently sexy
 me:  gotta love the bad boys
 jacinda:  exactly
he’s just misunderstood!
 me:  i was JUST typing that!  Az isn’t bad…he’s just misunderstood
and he wears eyeliner
jacinda:  well of course
 me:  natch
 jacinda:  all misunderstood guys wear eyeliner
and nail polish
 me:  Maybe he’s misunderstood? Maybe it’s Maybeline!
 jacinda:  LOL
me:  omg! Make me an avatar of that and I’ll love you forever!!!

And since she was very eager for procrastination reasons she granted my wish.  Sorry boys, all my love are belong to Jacinda.  Except you Emo boys… 😉  You will always rock my sad little world.  Alright, gotta get back to my boy. 


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