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Yes, yes…you have to do your chores before you get to the good stuff.  Such is the world, Kiddies.

First, thank you to everyone who left comments on my Blog Chain post!  I’m glad you liked hearing from Eden…maybe I’ll let her guest blog in the future! (That is with proper notification and if she’s into it…;)  ) If you liked what I wrote, please visit some of the other blogs in the chain and follow along.  Also, feel free to answer the question and blog along at home, just make sure you link to whoever’s at the start of the chain (there’s a link in every post saying who started it).

Second, Moonrat on Editorial Ass has a friend who just discovered she has Stage IV lymphoma.  She also has no insurance.  So, instead of ONLY being able to worry about getting better, she has to worry about bills and costs and things that shouldn’t matter right now.  This girl is only 28…that’s one year older than me, and I too don’t have any insurance.  How about you?  How easily could this be me, or you or someone close?  They’re having a fundraising raffle to help.  There are already some great prizes, including query letter and manuscript critiques.  And as of this posting the YA/MG 50 pg. critique only had one person in the drawing! So if you enter your chances are pretty good!  There’s even an agent from Curtis Brown offering up a critique!  And it’s not an auction, it’s a raffle so you don’t have to be the richest to win.  The tickets range from $5-$20 so forgo your Starbucks today and get over there and donate!

Ok…On a lighter note, I wanted to share this with all of you…it cracked me up as I found it while I was trying to find slang to use in my novel…The site is here


  1. doortoriver says:

    Eep! I missed the blog chain post. >_< Is too late?

    • leahclifford says:

      Well, this was done for the Query Tracker blog chain, which is a group that has been going for a few months now. I believe we’re closed to new members, but we will have a waiting list as positions open up with people having to drop out to do revisions and submissions and stuff. My link on the chain can be found here and I was the last entry for this chain. Head back to H.L. Dyer’s blog to find the start and follow it through to see all of the different takes on the question.
      The next chain should be starting with Mary Lindsay and you can find a link to her on my blog chain post!

  2. That graph is SO VERY TRUE.

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