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Well, as you may have guessed, I’m up on the QT/RS Blog Chain!  Since I started the last one on how real your characters are to you, I’m the last to post on H.L. Dyer’s topic of How do you as an author choose or create your story-world  and give that setting authenticity? 

However, I don’t world build.  I just don’t.  Not consciously anyway.  I’m gonna sound a little crazy, but I don’t really feel like I make up my worlds.  I don’t plot.  I get stuck worst when I don’t listen to my characters. 

As most of you know, this novel started as a short story.  It took seven years for my MC Eden to tell me the deal with her and the boys she had with her in the six pages that were written.  Eventually, it was revealed that they were Reapers, and Eden was in charge of the Manhattan crew.   So for this blog, I think it’s best to hand it over to the girl in charge of giving me the details of her world.  QT Blog Chain, meet Eden…

Yeah, so as if I don’t have enough drama, I’m now doing the homework of others who conveniently don’t feel "qualified" at the last minute.  Not only that, but I have to read a dozen or so other posts to catch up with what the hell she’s talking about with all the world building drama.  But if the girl’s coming to me for help, you can bet she’s in deep, because she knows better.

So world building or whatever is apparently a bunch of research on stuff that goes on in a book you’re writing.  How I qualify to write on this topic, I have no idea.  So far, there aren’t any spaceships in my life.  Though I’m all about corsets and petticoats, that’s as close to this world as I get.  The Elana chick got close with her between life and death thing but Gabe is an angel and he loves cheese fries as much as the next guy.  Az is Fallen, but he’s still a sucker for cotton candy, especially the Jersey Shore variety.  Sorry, that’s as far as I got in the blogs but basically I’m assuming in world building I’m just supposed to talk about me.  And if not, that’s what you’re getting.  Suck it up, Princess.

We live in Manhattan – decent neighborhood.  There’s an alley next to our building – walk through it and past a cabaret and you’ll hit Milton’s…best caramel lattes ever.  Like crack in a cup.  Maybe it is…. *shrugs.   By we, I mean me (Eden), Adam (my second in command), Jarrod (who’s sarcasm would’ve gotten him smacked yesterday if it wasn’t so dead on) and James (our lost little lamb…so I have a heart.  I take in strays when it benefits me.  None of your business is it?). 

There’s a new reaper who’s been trailing us lately.  Libby.  Think that chick on Heroes…save the cheerleader and all that?  Yeah, spiffy little blonde ponytail and all.  Clashes with my standards, but no one can pull off hot pink highlights on a black pixie like yours truely so it’s not like she’s competition.  Plus I get to razz the boys when they get tongue tied over their new shiny.  Trust me though, a week or two and she’ll fade. 

Our world is just…our world.  It’s where we live.  It’s the things we do.  Do you sit around all day plotting what some stranger’s apartment looks like?  Neither does Leah.  I open the door, and she looks in.  Whether we have milk in the fridge or tp in the bathroom has nothing to do with her.  The crappy picture Jarrod pulled out of the dumpster behind Milton’s was there before she got here.  It was here after she left.  It’ll probably still be there in all its 5th grade art class impersonation of Jackson Pollock glory next time she ventures over.  Hopefully the milk will have been tossed by then, but it’s Jarrod’s week for trash duty, so no promises on that.   

This chick is doing some kind of wrap up post to end the chain, because she started it.  The next chain thingy is gonna be starting with Mary Lindsey tomorrow, so check it out if you’re into that kind of thing… Not sure what the topic will be, but maybe next round Leah will get her lazy ass in gear and do her own post. 

Love and squishies and all that,


  1. hldyer says:

    You’re a hoot, Leah– I mean Eden.
    What’s not to like?

  2. Nice…I’m similar with world-building too. I mean, plotting it out before would take all sorts of “planning”. Figuring it out as I go along means I get all these pleasant surprises.
    And a cool look at your character too.

    • leahclifford says:

      I so love the little surprises. Most of them end up being tied into the HUGE surprises later on!

      • I know! It’s kind of awesome to figure out you’ve possibly set something up without even knowing it.
        I’ve had about half a dozen of those revelations today. Oh, the joys of compressed-time climax writing.

      • leahclifford says:

        Compressed-time climax writing! Love it!!! 😀
        There are so many times something is in the story because that’s how the character said it and later on I realize it was something really important. Glad I’m not the only one this happens to!

  3. libbyreed says:

    OMG! Leah, Eden has quite a voice. I loved this post…imagination run wild!

    • leahclifford says:

      Yeah, one thing that girl lacks is a filter. I had to beg a bit, but she wasn’t too rude. It was short notice on my part…she’s not all about being forced to guest blog 🙂

  4. katekquinn says:

    It’s obvious that you’ve spent a lot of time with a character, when she can write blog entries for you!

  5. miss_java says:

    Magnificent Blogage!!

  6. elanajohnson says:

    Leah, you crack me up! Every post I read of yours has me rolling on the ground. I love Eden’s post, especially the bit about Jarrod being on trash duty, that was fan-freaking-tastic. Excellent insight into the setting. 😀

    • leahclifford says:

      I think she did a damn good job explaining the world building thing…I just take a look around and write what she gives me. And for the record, Jarrod sucks at trash duty. That’s why they don’t bother putting him on laundry anymore…

  7. elanajohnson says:

    So what DOES Jarrod do? Lazy piece of…Eden puts up with that? She doesn’t seem like that kinda girl.

  8. elknutswife says:

    OMG, LOVED the post 😀 Very fun to read about the characters’ world from the character herself. And I have to second Elana – loved the trash bit with Jarrod – and the description of the new reaper of the boys’ new shiny. LOL Sheer magnificence darlin’, I am in sincere awe of your awesomeness 🙂

  9. Wonderful, creative post! That would make a good topic — have a character write your blog for you! Of course, I don’t think some of my more interesting characters would be willing to do it. I’m so glad you had a fascinating character who was (even if she was pressed into service).

  10. smua says:

    I hope my comment posts this time! Great post; I think Eden could teach my characters a thing or two about world-building. And yes, I also liked the way you referenced other blog chain posts.

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