Dear Self Doubt,

Posted: September 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Hi! Wow, it’s been a bit hasn’t it?  You look good…strong.  You been working out?   Me? Oh, I’m doin’ alright, just pounding away pointlessly on the keys as I realize my story is not so made of win as I thought it was.  I mean, who needs a plot right?  Who needs to show not tell?  Apparently not this girl.  Cardboard characters…sure!  And have I told you that I obviously have no trust in my readers or my writing ability because I state the same things over and over and over and…well, enough about me Self Doubt!  What have you been up to?   Ripping apart the self esteem of some poor girl just trying to get to the ending, huh… Hostile takeover, gotta love those.  It’s always so fun to break the tough ones.  OMG SERIOUSLY?! She really thought it was coming together and she’d get to THE END in the next week?!!  What a total noob!!!! I mean, has she MET you?! 

  1. lefalcone says:

    Take Ms. Self-doubt out back and kick the ka-ka out of her.
    Love the LOLcat. That’s funny.

  2. fandoria says:

    Ugh! I hate days like that. Why is it there are way more days like that than days where you actually like what you write? At least, it’s that way for me. *hugs* You need to show Self Doubt who’s really boss.

  3. When I’m really down with self-doubt, I tap into my evil streak and become determined to finish through to the end so that I can torture the world with my horrible writing. Which, when I reread it, is usually not so horrible at all.
    Don’t let the self doubt get you down…

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