Revisions AHOY!

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Uncategorized
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After a day of pondering and a call from He Who Is Still Refered to as Roomie Though He No Longer Holds This Title and I think I’ve made progress.  HWISTRTHNLHTT had a few things to run by me on his own story and then we were talking about one of my plotlines.  I’ve unofficially officially decided it has to go… see, it can be set up a bit, but it’s a book 3 issue that really can’t be dealt with now.  And NOT having it will actually both explain and improve the other plotlines.  So there it is.  Luckily, the cut was endorsed by HWISTRTHNLHTT (who will shortly be receiving a well…shorter nickname).  So that’s where I stand.  I’m hopeful, though feeling some trepedation… Wish me luck.  I’m back to the shortened work schedule which will work well with this stage.  Hopefully I’ll be making much progress over the next few days…


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