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Posted: September 2, 2008 in Uncategorized
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After the move, writing never quite made it back to the forefront.  Sure, there was tinkering and a bit of progress was made.  I dabbled through the first 150 pages or so.  A few little changes were made. 

But now the time has come. The scheduling gods have smiled upon me, and I have only a 4:30-7:30 shift today, tomorrow off and then another 4:30 to 7:30.  Can you guess what I’ll be doing with that free time?

The amusing thing is that my new roomies haven’t seen me in Writing Mode yet, let alone Editing Mode.  I posted a disclaimer on our dry erase board on the fridge that reads:
    Leah will be in EDIT MODE until Friday morning.
         Not responsible for:  Coffee consumption, cigarette consumption, Ranting and/or crying, Proclaiming myself the best writer ever born, Proclaiming myself the WORST writer ever born, Swearing, General bitchiness and Human Sacrifice (Roomies are immune).

I think that about covers it.  Poor Heather has it the worst.  She was like, "I’ve seen the writing effect. I’d call you and you’d rant about people I had no idea about for an hour and then go "OH! Ihavetogothxforthebreak" and hang up."  As former Roomie said laughing, "That poor girl has no idea.  Batten down the fucking hatches!"

So there may be updates over the next few days, there may not.  I’ll let you know who survives and in what condition…

  1. Ha…good luck…for you and those around you.
    On the other hand, *sob*, today is my last writing time day. Stupid federal-mandated education harshing on my four hours a day of solid write time. *frown*
    Well, as my presence on LJ shows, I’m really taking advantage of this time…by baking cookies and going online.
    *switches to Word*

  2. brimfire says:

    heh I’m entering Edit Mode with you. My progress is going to be interrupted by a trip to Italy, though. *big grin*
    When do you think you’re going to be ready to submit? I’m aiming for October. Maybe November if I keep spending all this time on LJ…

    • leahclifford says:

      About the same…I’m actually doing the Big Edit out of order…I haven’t written my ending yet. So I’m hoping to finish sometime this month, betas in October and query in November…Fingers crossed :S

  3. My husband is still trying to work through PMS. He can’t even begin to understand the writing mode, much less edits. 😦 Poor guy.

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