The Brilliant Return of the not so Brilliant…

Posted: August 25, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Happy days have come again.  My roommate, who also happens to be my oldest friend decided we needed a “house computer” and so I’m here again due to her awesomeness (which knows no bounds).  We’re all hooked up with the internet and I’ve been working like mad to catch up on my unlife and all the things I’ve missed.  There’s simply no way I’ll ever be able to catch up on all the entries I’ve missed on here though, so if you had something wonderful or not so wonderful or such happen, please leave me a comment!  I’m genuinely interested to know!!! 

So in a few I’ll be posting my entry for the Query Tracker Blog Chain…This week it’s my turn to pick the topic and I’ve narrowed it down to a winner.  Look for it shortly!

Missed you guys!


  1. reneesweet says:

    Hiiiiiiii-eeeeeeee!!! Missed you. Oooh — and I got Matt Nathanson tickets (and had no one to squee with sniff sniff). He’s touring!! You should see if you can catch him.

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