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Posted: August 7, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Just have a second while I’m picking up the last of my things from the apartment…  Moving is going pretty decent.  There have been a few bumps along the way, but I’m sure they’ll iron out and soon it’ll be even better.  I thought living alone would be terrifying, but oddly enough… I love it.  LOVE it.  The house is so serene.  The back yard is beautiful at night and with just me, I love all of my time by myself.  Roommates are moving in next week though, so it’ll be short lived.  But that really won’t matter because…

My work is STUPID.  SO STUPID.  Dear work, we need at least 5 people to cover a shift.  We are already short staffed.  You have known for TWO MONTHS (probably longer) that we would be losing two people the first week of August to go back to school.  Now we only have FOUR TOTAL workers.  And yet you’ve made no effort to hire anyone.  We’ve all made suggestions, even the possibility of a temp agency.  You said no.  You said no because you would have to pay the temp person and then the temp agency, which would total about $10.00 and it was “Too expensive.”  Do you not realize that I’ll be working almost 20 hours of overtime next week ALONE?  Do you not realize you’ll be paying me almost $12 an hour for each one?  Hey stupid!  $10 < $12   Just saying…

Babyniece is  doing great and I got to be her first babysitter yesterday!  It went off perfectly, so sister was relieved.  Apparently my niece has a thing for projectile vomiting.  Like Exorcist projectile vomiting.  But not for Auntie Leah 🙂 

Alright, I better get back to packing.  Hope everyone’s doing well with agent searching, MS finishing, edits and lifestuffs!

Hope to be back sometime in the next month…I’m debating getting a best buy credit card and just damning it all and getting a computer.  Who cares about debt when I have a freaking novel to finish! 

  1. notalama says:

    Sorry to hear about your stupid job. But it’s good that you’re living on your own for a while. Everyone should try that, even though I won’t. Ever.
    I grew up with three siblings and two cousins, the full complement of parents, dogs, cats, mice and snakes…
    If I were ever to live alone, I would end up screaming at myself just for a change.

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