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 !!! I was ALMOST about to unprocrastinate…but I have been tagged and I must complete the challenge…I guess I’ll have to stop procrastinating…yanno…some other time…

Seems like a lot of us are hanging around today, looking for ways to procrastinate.

Well… I’ve never started a meme and this may end up the worst meme in meme history, but, what the hey…

Just fill in the blanks.

1. I hate the color….
2. I hate the TV show…
3. I hate the taste of….
4. I hate the smell of….
5. I hate the word….
6. I hate the sound of…
7. I hate the song…

My answers…

1. orange
2. Battlestar Gallactica
3. Lasagna
4. patchouli
5. pupil (when talking about students)
6. microphone feedback
7. I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry (sp?) …no…I love it 😦  FUCK YOU INFECTIOUS POP!

Okay… Now you MUST tag three people to continue play.

I tag…



 … suffer o’ chosen ones!! woohahahahah!

  1. brian_ohio says:

    Lasagna! WTF! It’s delicious!
    With 4 daughters… I can NOT listen to that song. EVER!
    Thanks for playing.

  2. doortoriver says:

    *laughs* Oh, these are fun memes. *yoinks*

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