More Excuses Than Milton Bradly Has Games…

Posted: July 4, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been a little…well…unposty lately.   Here’s my list of whys…

 finished her novel.  And we’ve been pretty much on track, so I’m feelin’ some pressure! EEee!  I originally said I wanted the Reapers story done by June…now it’s July…(maybe…) so I’ve been trying to concentrate on that, which leads too….  

Instead of working on the ending and doing the whole “Woohoo! I did a first draft” thing, I’ve decided to dive into edits before hitting the final scene.  I’m happy with it so far, I guess.  But it’s not where I want it to be and I know I can do better.  I need to dial it up a notch before I’m comfortable calling it done, so I won’t let myself finish until I do at least one round of edits.  Here’s hoping Muse is satisfied with my efforts and lets me get through the ending soon. 

New Job continues to kick my ass.  I was hired on as part time and told I could go full time in August.  Midway through day one I was promoted to full time, which is 35 hours there.  This week I had 44 hours.  One day I was the only server on at night, and had to get everything for 50ish people (who all came down for dinner at the same time) AND our dishwasher was broken.  There was MUCH improvising…but I got through it.  Needless to say, that 44 hours feels a lot more like 60+. 

Sister is expecting Babyniece at the end of the month!!!!!! SQUEE!  I’m very very excited about my first niece!  Sister is having me paint little critters on the walls of the nursery…snails, a turtle and a trail of ants carrying their queen on a throne from the doorway up over the register for the heater… cute stuff 🙂  I’m really proud of the work I’ve done, but it’s a HUGE time commitment, especially since I only have two days off a week.  And sister is nesting so she wants it DONE!  She gets Grrr face when I try to explain that I really just need one day off to lounge.  So the ants will be painted tomorrow…(only now she wants some ladybugs, and maybe something else but she’s not sure… UGH! Decide!)  I’ll post pictures when I’m done! 

I have a move to co-ordinate, an apartment to clean, an avatar to find, new music to download, a forum to mod, eeee!  And right now, I’m posting here.  But not for long, baby! Because I’m opening the file! FEAR me novel!  GRRR!

………oooOO! A shiny! 

  1. reneesweet says:

    Love your location, LOL. Post pics of the mural!!!

  2. kaz_mahoney says:

    Hey, don’t worry about pressure where i’m concerned… I have to rewrite my entire stupid ending… Ugh.

  3. doortoriver says:

    Shinies = fun. The internet, unfortunately, is FULL of shinies. 😀

  4. fandoria says:

    And right now, I’m posting here. But not for long, baby! Because I’m opening the file! FEAR me novel! GRRR!
    ………oooOO! A shiny!

    LOL! Oh my goodness, you sound like me!

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