Progress Report!

Posted: June 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I’m SO close.  I have a basic plan for the ending, just missing the stuff that comes after.  You know…the stuff I was missing in the first story (pesky conclusions! How you thwart me!).  I gave it a good amount of thought today while pretending to nap, and had a few snippets pop into my head that I will totally be using.  But the BEST part of the day came with the “nap” ending phone call, which was a job offer!  FINALLY!!!! SQUEE!  There’s a chance I’ll be able to eat in the near future! Even though these hypothetical groceries are at least two weeks away, I’m still looking forward to them with that rare kind of Christmas morning joy.  I polished off the last of the Sun Chips for breakfast today, and I’m running dangerously low on stale peeps.  What on earth would I eat for dinner if this were to continue?  We were about to enter a Level Dark Orange. 

Ahem.  Writing.  So this is where I am:

I’m planning on crossing into the 70’s today, but I’m not sure how far in I’ll get.  Depends on my attention span, which has been spotty at best lately.  Maybe 71?

  1. kaz_mahoney says:

    Hey! Congrats on the job!! Great news. Food is Good. 🙂
    And I feel your pain on conclusions… I seem to have that problem too. *sigh*

    • leahclifford says:

      Yay for food! Though I’m subsisting quite well on my writer diet of coffee, cigarettes and peeps. But if those peeps run out it’s gonna throw off the delicate balance and I can’t have that happen this close to the end. I’m just praying it comes out right in the transition from my head to the page.

  2. kelly_swails says:

    Congrats on being gainfully employed! That’s always a good thing.

  3. notalama says:

    Congrats on employment! I totally know how you feel, for despite my being actually employed, we will be eating the last packet of instant noodles today and the cat has run out of food…
    P.S – Congrats also on writing progress. And where did you get the little image word-counter thingy?

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