Still Kickin!

Posted: June 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Dude.  I’m SO the queen of overreactions.  This is gonna be gross, but I popped the finger.  Yeah, it was just some kind of scratch or something and I guess I had a freakout reaction.  So totally like me.  You should’ve seen the hives I got while I was trying to write my last story.  They were EPIC.  So I popped it and it was so disgusting and oozy but now it’s almost back to normal size and I’ve got a bandaid on it.  And how I thought it was healing before?  Apparently when it started to swell it looked like it was closing faster than it should.  Go figure. 

Anyway, me and Lege parted ways.  He lost it on me when I told him and honestly at that point I decided I’d rather deal with zombies than that squealing thing he does when he’s panicked.  I let him keep the car.  I just hope the idiot remembers to fill up the tank…I think there was like only a little gas left. 

So anyway, I took a bottle of water and he let me out on an off ramp.  No idea where I am as far as a map location, but physically I’m in a library.  I mean, safest place right?  It’s not like zombies can read!  Why would they come here?  There’s water fountains and a couple vending machines in the children’s section so I should be good for awhile.  I tried calling

 to come here but he’s not answering.  I’m sure he’s just white-knuckled on the steering wheel.  He really doesn’t have his license, but I figured we were beyond worrying about things like that.   I’m really trying not to overreact (for the SECOND time)…he’s gotta be fine.  I mean, he has the car!  I’m sure he’ll call me back soon.  Shit.  Some books just fell off a shelf.  I hope there’s no rabid librarians in here… I’m gonna check it out.  I’ll post in one minute, two at the most to let you know I’m okay.


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