Posted: June 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Saw one of these on someone else’s blog and felt inspired:

Reapers story (No real title yet, though I’m kicking a few around)

Words: 62,626/80,000?
Files in the Eden folder: 84 (counting pictures *blush* told you I save everything…)
Deaths: 1 main character…countless unnamed
Characters who’ve showed up in my dreams to tell me plot points: Eden and Gabe (and maybe Az…not sure)
Dreams remembered as more than just silent moving lips and hands: 0 (but it’s in my brain and comes out with that day’s writing)
Times I’ve almost given up on this story: 3
Uses of the word ‘head’ : 195
# of scenes the “outline” is ahead of the story: 0


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