This Title Intentionally Left Blank

Posted: June 6, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Because I haven’t done it in awhile…

You’ll notice the goal went up.  This is because Gabe pretty much decided Az wasn’t getting a fair shake and wanted to plead his case.  So far so good…not QUITE sure how I feel about it, but it’s coming out decent, so we’ll see.  Not quite sure if this is Book One or Book Two.  I’d really like to do a companion book…think Ink Exchange…instead of a sequel.  I had planned to do it on Kristen, but I might go with a character I only mentioned once that I don’t know anything about.  Could be interesting.  *shrugs  I think I’m getting just a WEE bit ahead of myself… I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to get some words in.  My brains been kinda fried lately with various homestress, and being jobless leaves me without a structure.  My writing suffers for it. Tomorrow I have my sister’s baby shower in the middle of the day which will give me a good pre/post split, and hopefully help.  We shall see!

  1. kaz_mahoney says:

    I know all about that jobless lack of structure… *sigh*
    Great progress, though! 🙂

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