Multi-tasking skills….and dirty laundry

Posted: May 29, 2008 in Uncategorized
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First, I had an interesting moment today.  My brother texted me and asked what I was doing.  Laundry, I replied.  Haha. Fun.  he sent back.  Then I thought about what I was ACTUALLY doing.  At that moment I was: 

modding for a board I belong to, updating my Livejournal (aka networking), writing a Gabe chapter while rewriting two Eden chapters, downloading music while listening to another song, eating lunch and contemplating a. where my next few lines of text will lead and b. accepting a job.  Oh, and laundry.  I feel very efficient today 🙂

I’ve been debating the POV for my story lately for a few reasons…a. because I’m still in that weird stall phase that seems to be ebbing and flowing but hasn’t quite pulled away in a full tide and switching POV might help and b. I’m a total lush for first person.  I just really like getting into the heads of my characters without the veil that third person seems to pull up for me.  A few days ago I took a random snippet and rewrote it in first.  I sent it out to a few people to get their reaction.  The world divided into two hard core camps…one even threatened drawing a sword on her hubby….but when all votes were in, it ended in a tie (and Leah learned her lesson about keeping odd numbers of friends). So the final vote went to the most important opinion.  Eden’s.  After all, it’s her story.  How would SHE want it told?

So I thought about it.  POV is important to nail.  I’m a believer that certain stories NEED to be told a certain way.  There is a perfect voice for them.  I can’t deny that Eden would be really interesting to write about in first person.  Getting into her head would be entertaining the way a free ticket to a violent circus on acid would be entertaining…the kind of thing you just have to watch.  But would she want that?  She’s so disassociated because of the things she’s been through, and is still going through.  Being hard and putting up a veneer is the only way she knows to survive.  What would it be like to take that away from her?  The more I thought about it, the more I realized first person was just wrong for this story.  Eden wouldn’t let the reader in.  She’d lie to hide her true feelings.  She’d make herself an unreliable narrator just to mess with your head.  And me forcing my way in, and then letting YOU see everything in there would be a total violation of everything she is.  And so, third it shall remain. 

Interesting things have been developing with this story lately.  I’m starting to see little snippets of ending, and the reasonings behind it.  Gabe is getting especially vocal lately, and I think he’ll be playing an earlier part than I thought…I’d love to tell you more, but there’s…ya know…laundry.

  1. kaz_mahoney says:

    Interesting, seeing you go through that POV-decision thing. I did that with my latest, too. Started it in 3rd, switched to 1st then returned to 3rd. It’s the right way to tell this particular story. I think it’s right for my main character. I do still have moments of doubt, though. I love your reasoning behind why 1st person would be a violation for Eden.
    Great post!

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