The Skin Lining My Head is Angry…

Posted: May 24, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Very angry.  I’ve had a migraine for two days.  Anyone who’s ever HAD a migraine, even for an hour or so (I don’t know anyone lucky enough to only HAVE them for an hour and I know I’m lucky because mine only last half a day usually) knows that they are awful.  As in

“can’t watch TV and zone out because the colors hurt me, and the sound hurts me, and the thought of reaching for the remote is so far above my ability”. 

I have a history of migraines.  I tend to get them when I have stress and then calm down…you know, like when I’m jobless and trying to write and can’t find a job or write and then decide “Hey, it’ll work out!”  My ability to finally relax is rewarded with the Cranial Wars.  Bombs and little stabby knives are doing things in my brain. 

About two or three years ago, when I was a flight attendant, they got so bad that when I had an unrelated eye thing and went to the eye doctor and TOLD him about my headaches he sent me to a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic…which is kind of a big deal.  Then they sent me to a BIGGER deal specialist who wanted to check for brain tumors.  On the plus side, it stressed me out again and the headaches went away. 

After an MRI, a spinal tap and an eyeball ultrasound they shrugged their shoulders and sent me to the family doctor, who asked me two questions, laughed and then told me they were only migraines.  *sigh at the American health care system…  I DID manage to get some cool things out of the deal.  1. I got to be investigated by a cute med student when the eyeball ultrasound lady messed up and scratched my eye repeatedly when she didn’t put enough goop into my eyeball.  2.  I got this…

Here is a close up…
How many people have pictures of their own brain hanging on their bedroom wall surrounded by really cool cards with Buddhist quotes on them and pirate flags tucked behind the frame?  Probably only one.  And that one is me.  🙂  

The downside is that I’m not getting much writing done.  Since last week wasn’t very productive, I’m thinking when I jump back in (maybe later tonight) that I’m going to have to start from the beginning and edit my way to where I left off.  This should actually be helpful, because it’ll give me another crack at that pesky Gabe scene and I’ll get to fill in some stuff that I know is lacking.  So…thanks…migraines????

  1. Bwah!
    My sister has regular migraines, and I have them more often than I care to. When I was pregnant it got so, so bad, like what you described. My doc prescribed me a barbiturate-caffeine-acetaminophen pill which Did Not Help.
    Don’t know what went wonky–hormones, maybe?–but it was horrendous.
    And strangely, the episodes seemed to hit me hardest when Gilmore Girls was on.
    Kid you not.
    Might’ve been a time of day, thing, though.
    Also, Cleveland Clinic = my home for the last part of June, since my dad’s going for surgery. Nice hospital, but still, it’s a hospital.
    Most of all, having your brain on your wall is The Awesome.

    • leahclifford says:

      Hey! I took the super fun barbiturate-caffeine-acetaminophen combo this afternoon! They’re hit or miss for me-they either crack it in twenty minutes or they slag it to a dull stabbing. I used to have the brain in the living room, but Roomie was NOT into it. He said it freaked him out…I think he was just jealous of my spectacular crinkled gray matter.

  2. cristiaentel says:

    Endless Medical Processes
    I’m with you on the migraines. Me, my brother, and my mom get them. I dare not ask a doctor since I’m already going a few times a month not to mention a chiropractor. I due have to admit the picture is cool.
    I had a really nice doctor who gave me the x-rays when I had a sewing needle in my foot.

  3. kzee says:

    Hi. Nice to meet you. Migraines suck. Mine go for about 3 days.
    Sometimes for temporary relief of headaches I suck on ice cubes (or drink an icee or smoothie) and/or eat spicy food. Something about cold on the roof of my mouth helps a little bit. But nothing cures it except time.

  4. last time i had a migraine i lost the ability to speak, i couldnt walk andi was babbling like a madman. someone dragged me to the doc and i got a shot. i dont remember much else apart from MIGRAINES ARE WORSE THAN DEATH. hurry up and cure them i say. i just feel for those people that get them like everyday. i swear id suck a tailpipe.

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