Thnks Fr Th Mmrs or Dissecting Fall Out Boy for my Own Agenda

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Who thought Fall Out Boy could be so inspiring?  Take these lyrics for example and tell me this isn’t a writing song?

“I’m gonna make you bend and break (This is what a blank page could say if it could talk)
(it sent you to me without wings) (Hey!  Is that….Look kids!  It’s a baby idea!  Awwww!)
Say a prayer, but let the good times roll (For that first rush of words,  baby idea now has legs and things are starting to  *click*)
In case God doesn’t show (Hello writer’s block!)
(let the good times roll, let the good times roll) (There’s NO better feeling than busting through that first block and getting going again.  Nothing.  Not even chocolate.  Maaaaaaaybe Starbucks, but only Grande Caramel Macchiattos with extra caramel.  Maybe.)
And I want these words to make things right (Find your voice, nail your characters, make sure they have proper motivation)
But it’s the wrongs that makes the words come to life (First rewrites.  I just love them.  You know, when I’m starry eyed and confident and can’t wait to hear all the amazing praise from my beta readers.  I call this my “completely necessary delusional insanity” phase.  🙂  
Who does he think he is (if that’s the worst you got better put your fingers back to the keys)” (Writer meet reality.  Your ms is not shiny.  Luckily you have friends who will TELL you this, so be grateful.  Now it’s time for the magic to happen.  All those little threads get tied together, maybe a suggestion from a beta reader gives you that scene you knew you needed but couldn’t come up with until now.  This is where the sea glass gets polished.)

Yes, I actually managed to be inspired by poppy emo.  I’m kind of in that middle of the novel spongy phase where I find deeper meaning in everything I come into contact with.  For me, the middle is the really fun part of writing, where little details that were there for reasons I didn’t understand end up being huge plot points.  I don’t know if this happens to others or if I’m just staggeringly lucky, but for some reason this has happened to me in both this novel and the last one.  There will be some little snippet of a scene that I’m sure will be cut in the final draft and it will turn out to be the fulcrum point for everything.  It’s got to be some kind of magic.  This is why I keep everything.  It’s why I’ve got… *runs off to check.…Nineteen files in the Eden folder (okay…in the interest of honesty there’s actually 68 if you count pictures…).  And trust me, this will probably triple by the agent worthy draft, which if the last novel is any indication will be titled something like Final Final Eden Draft 3 For Agents Version 6. 

The past weekend went pretty good.  I got 2, 288 words over Saturday and Sunday, which is kind of low but greatly overshadowed by the fact that Sunday was EPIPHINITASTIC!  (see fulcrum points thing, above).  I was so excited I looked like this  for about an hour and a half.  It was the kind of day that made me glad that I’m not working right now, so I didn’t have to  roll up my jeans at a red light and write a few key phrases down on my leg in magic marker so I didn’t forget them (*hangs head…yes, really…I now keep paper in the car.)  See, I found out gossip on one of my characters that I’m not entirely sure I should know yet.  But it is VERY juicy!  I’m SO looking forward to seeing how my MC reacts when she finds out!  And I can’t wait to write the scene with the big reveal.  This has the added fun of being pretty far towards the end, so I’ll be eager to get to it and that will help me stick to my writing goal of 1,000 words a day. 

So here’s the progress report as of 7:27pm tonight… (Edit: does anyone know where to get a freaking word count widget that WORKS?! GRRRR!)  

49,710 / 75,000
or  66.4%


  1. sboman says:

    I keep everything, too. Old versions, cut scenes, unnecessary description…I hate to delete anything. I wonder when a book finally gets published if a writer can let go of those things then?

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