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Posted: April 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I’ve really been struggling with the Reapers story.  I wasn’t expecting such a roadblock (silly,right?) because the first 200 pages came SO easy! I’ve had a couple weeks of Panic Face now… but the good news is IT’S FINALLY PASSING!   I have to admit though, there were moments where I really thought about setting this aside, which would have been heartbreaking.  I love this story!  I love the characters, and the few people I’ve let read scenes seem to be clamoring for more.  One even declared I wouldn’t be able to beta read for her if I didn’t finish, which is a HUGE incentive because the first story in her series was amazing and I’m DYING to know what happens next (The Hollow by Jessica Verday, being published by Simon and Shuster in Fall 2009! GO JESS ……ahem. ) 

In my newly confident (and possibly insane) state I’ve decided to post a scene!  Let me know what you guys think…(update:  after about an hour of staring at the story I’m back in panic mode lol.  But I’m not backing down!  FEARLESS (ish)!!!!!  I’ve decided to just go with the first two pages.)

Eden ran two fingers over her perfectly gelled hair, the black strands sliding waves across her temple and down her cheeks in pin curls.  In the mirror back at the apartment, the light had shown red through the material draped over the shade.  She’d thought she looked like a 20’s style movie starlet; older than her seventeen years.  Eighteen, she corrected herself, though really the numbers didn’t matter anymore. 

The curls had taken hours to get perfect, and now the breeze whisking down the avenue had knocked the shape out of them.  

Sighing, she flicked a piece of lint from her long black coat, pulling it around her to keep out the chill as her eyes drifted to the solitary figure pacing the ledge twenty stories above.  “So, ya think he’s gonna do this shit or what?” she asked.

Next to her, Adam shook his head in amazement, his long brown bangs falling into his eyes.  “An to think, five minutes ago I wasn’t afraid of you.” 

    Eden stared daggers until his smile faltered. “Then clearly I’m slipping,” she said.

Swiveling his attention towards approaching sirens, Adam’s face was smothered in sapphire and ruby as a quartet of police cars broke around the corner, lining up along the curb.  As always, it seemed the law was the last to arrive. Eden and her group were anonymous enough in the crowd that had gathered.

     “Pigs are here.  Should we jet?” James asked, looking to Eden for the decision.

     “When have they ever been our concern?”  Eden tucked a pink lock behind the multiple studs piercing her ear.  “Besides, they’re here for him.  We can stay a while longer.”  Breaking form, she offered James a twitch of a smile.  He relaxed and shot one back.

     “And we wouldn’t wanna miss the Grande Finale,” Adam added, gesturing upwards dismissively.  Eden noticed even Jarrod was watching them now, seeming amused as always by Adam’s insistence on testing the boundaries.  But then his eyes too found their way up, past the awning of the old hotel, past empty window after empty window until again they found the man. 

    “Well there’s gotta be something better to do!  She blew a defiant breath up into the night sky, watching the frozen vapor spin in a lazy twirl.  Giving up on the glamorous curls, she separated one of her pink highlights and twisted it around her finger until it hung limp with too much product.  “Can’t he just jump already so we can get on with our lives?”

  1. libbyreed says:

    Thanks for inviting me to read your blog!!!!!
    Awesome blog! I love the insight into your writing muses. And your first tow pages are great. I want to read more…these characters are a little disturbing. I have to know what they do.
    Keep up the great work!
    Abi from QT

  2. nostrabuttus says:

    Hello from Guess Who
    I signed up so I could send this message to you.
    Have a great day.

  3. brimfire says:

    Hi Leah. Love your descriptions. (That’s a weak point in my writing.) I’d love to read more too. You’re characters are definitely engaging. 🙂

  4. lotheus says:

    Cool beans! People actually read your blog and comment on it. That’s fantastic. Enjoy it.

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