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Today has been a down day.  I have so much personal drama going on, and I’ve lost confidence in my WIP.  I read something in a thread on AW where someone had asked an agent if she’d be open to rewrites when she invited him to submit a future work.  The agent told him, “There’s a problem with the foundation.  You can’t fix it by wallpapering.”  This is how I feel about my work these days.  I love the characters, but I just can’t get a handle on their world and all its details.  And the more I try, the less I seem to grasp it.  On top of that, the most wonderful thing has happened and my roommate had TWO offers of representation.  With a third still considering.  And they are all amazing agents.   I’m the third of what I’ve come to think of as our little triad, the only one without an agent, and so I’m really feeling the pressure.  It’s like when you pull a muscle, and you know if you keep going, you’ll only make it worse.  If I try to force it, I’m going to freeze up. 

And on top of that, there’s a little voice in the back of my head whispering that this isn’t the story I’m supposed to be telling.  So what to do?  Keep going with a story I love, though I know is fatally (possibly) flawed?  Try something new?  I just don’t know anymore…

  1. brimfire says:

    Oh, gosh, that must be hard to live with two people who are tasting success. But I’m sure they’re good fortune will rub off on you. 🙂
    And you *have* to continue this project. You love it. That’s what matters most right now. Finish it then you can discover what, if anyting, is missing. You’re probably just being too critical of your own writing right now. I do that *all* the time and have ups and downs. One day I’m writing the best book in the world, the next day, it’s the absolute worst book in the world.
    And how did you manage to find writer roommates!?!? I think that’s totally awesome.

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