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I have this habit.  I love to learn new things.  When I’m researching for characters I like to figure out things they like and learn about them. Not only does it help me get in their head, but hey, new thing in my quest to be Jack of All Trades/ Master of Nothing.  I love my little manic obsession periods…

For the Reapers story, one of my characters happens to not only play guitar and sing in a band but he’s got a voice like…UGH!  The best way I can describe it (and that I keep coming back to) is that it’s like warm honey; it just oozes over you and drags you down with it, but somehow you don’t mind because you know there’s no way to fight it.   One of those voices that just stops the crowd and makes everyone turn.  He is also an amazing guitarist.  Not like, cool band hot chords good…but like Steve Vai good.  And at one point he plays Paganini’s 5th Caprice.  If you’ve seen the movie Crossroads (NOT the Britney Spears one…please…you didn’t think that did you???)  it’s the piece Ralph Macchio plays to beat Jack Butler (the guitarist who  sold his soul)  Here’s a link to the awesomeness...  Pretty freaking sweet, huh? 

So me, having had …oh, four lessons when I was about six years old, has decided that THIS is what I want to learn on guitar.  No scales.  No Bah Bah Black Sheep.   I want  the 5th Caprice.  And I want it BAD.  Go big or go home right? 

Day one, I traded  computer lessons (I had to explain to him how to “make a space.”) to my dad for an acoustic guitar and looked up the tabs when I got home.  Apparently, learning a song like this is not something to do overnight.  Sigh.  My powers of attention span are only so strong people!  But I guess I didn’t write the book in a night, so I’ll have to settle for this taking some time.  🙂

It’s now Day Three (ish…maybe four?) and I have been openly scoffed at several times when I shared my new goal.  And let me tell you, I’m pretty stubborn.  When someone tells me I can’t do something, well…I’m gonna try that much harder.  So I’ve learned about 30 notes.  I can’t play them quick or anything, but 30 notes in three days is pretty damn good for me!  I’m still excited!  I’m still making progress!  I have visions of going to parties and playing this ONE KICKASS SONG and then smiling demurely and apologizing when they shout out requests because I can’t so much as play a chord. 

Maybe in the next book, someone will take up skydiving…or French…or violin (god, I’d love to shred on a violin….).   Can’t wait to see how this one goes! I’ll keep you updated!



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