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Posted: March 18, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So Roomie clued me in to this writer chick named Jackson Pearce. First off, let me just say how much I love her. Jackson is in a word, hilarious. If you need proof of this, check out her video blog about connecting with readers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbiUW85gxII&eurl=http://lj-toys.com/?journalid=757018&moduleid=14&auth_token=sessionless:1205859600:embedcontent:757018%261

See? Anywho…So she posted a blog about telling people that you’re writing and the basic idea held by the public that anyone can write if they have only

a. a shinier newer version of the computer they currently use to download pirated Metallica songs for the sole purpose of irritating Lars Ulrich
b. more time-without the kids, without the job, without the cleaning, without the Project Runway Marathon (omg did you love Christian’s collection or did you LOVE it?!)

So my main problem is with B. Do you really think my life is so boring that I did everything else under the sun before I finally gave in and sat down on my freshly whisked chair in front of my freshly dusted (post chair whisking of course, silly) computer desk and said to myself “Maybe I’ll pen my best seller today?”

Here’s a little secret. I made writing a priority. That’s how I find the time. The staggering collection of empty Starbucks Frappachino (mocha, please) bottles collecting around me isn’t as important to me now as finding out how Eden’s going to react to actually meeting that luscious lead singer of Dawn’s Supernova. The fact that the living room hasn’t been vacuumed….in a while…as in “the layer of dust is quite cushy and cuts down on the need for socks so maybe I should just let it go”…takes a far distant back seat to discovering how Eden is gonna take it when she finds out Az made her a reaper for a reason.

If you want to write, you’re going to have to make it important to you. Don’t feel guilty if the dishes wait until morning! Don’t let that dirty laundry stifle your words! Write! Seize the day!!!!!!!!

Or, rather, let the day pass in your pjs with a pint of ice cream (aka lunch) melting slowly and forgotten because you know you just NAILED the scene where Eden sobs over breaking the necklace Az made for her, the only thing she has left of him. Now isn’t that better than cleaning that green (is that meat?! omg I think it was meat at some point) tupperware container out of the back of the fridge?

Yes…Yes it is

  1. watchmebe says:

    I’m glad you liked the video blog! And this is late, but I did LOVE Christian’s collection. He’s adorable.

    • leahclifford says:

      *shock face Wow! You read my blog?!! I was going to post something about how strange it is to realize people are actually reading these entries, but then I figured it was probably REALLY strange for you to have someone writing about reading your blog and figured I’d just say thanks and blush a little bit. 🙂 SQUEE!

      • watchmebe says:

        Well, I try to read the blogs of everyone who has friended me at least once every few weeks. I try to keep my own friends list to a manageable size, but I hate to just cold shoulder everyone else…so I sort of make rounds!
        But yeah, it’s really weird to realize people are actually reading stuff, isn’t it?? Good luck with your reapers story– the scene you posted is lovely!

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