Ghost Writing the WIP

Posted: March 7, 2008 in Uncategorized
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So. Blog.  I guess I should explain the title a bit cuz I’m not a ghostwriter in the traditional sense… But a lot of the time that’s how I feel.  The stories I write are mine, but they’re not my stories.  They belong to my characters.  When I get an idea, often times it’s just a flash of a scene.  I write it down and sometimes (not always) the next day there’s another…then another…sometimes if there’s a bribe of chocolate involved I get two.  Being as the only way to get chocolate to my characters is by indulging in it myself, I consider this a fair trade 🙂  The book I’m working on now is YA, something I’ve never tried before.  I tend to write very adult literary type stuff, but this story just HAD to be written. 

It started out normal enough.  A short story I worked on a million (ok like 7) years ago that has been tinkered with over time.  I always loved the story, the premise of these three teenagers so jaded that even watching a suicide is a passe night to them.  Something about them just BEGGED to be….well, expanded.  I finished my first book in October and in February decided it was time to start on something new.  The old story popped back up and I tinkered with it, brainstorming. 

And then the first dream came.  One of the characters was there with me in a kind of blank space (think Never Ending Story after the Nothing sweeps through and the Childlike Empress gives Bastion the single grain of sand left).  His name is Az.  Even more interesting was the fact that he was talking to me.  I watched him, desperately trying to get his points across with flying hands but couldn’t hear a sound.  When I woke up and started typing, there were more ideas there.  They had a filmy deja vu quality to them…but they were there.  And so I did my job and wrote them down. 

The next night Eden showed up.  Eden’s one of my favorite characters-she’s sarcastic and jaded and pure goth punk rock fun.  And I’m afraid to NOT listen to her.  Again there was no sound, but girl had an opinion about what I’d written apparently. 

So this is how it goes for me.  I’m not so much slaving away trying to come up with ideas.  Really, I’m just Ghostwriting the WIP (work in progress).  Much more fun than ghost riding the whip   …..ok, maybe not 😉

  1. Anonymous says:

    How else can we meet Az, Eden, and the others?
    This is a profound thought, but you are missing out on giving yourself credit as a gifted writter. Who else could tell us their story, I know I can’t! I can hardly even say I dream at night, I know I do but not at all enough to be able to remember or write it down. Looking forward to meeting the gang who leaves your mind so full of thoughts and ideas, they most have a great impact.

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